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Custom Wood CNC'd enclosures!


Made with an Xcarve- not going to sell them quite yet as I want to get everything dialed in, but I am open to making some custom enclosures once i get everything down in the next week or so.

Still have some work to do, but I’m happy with version 1 so far.

(before the milling)

Stealth build: Space Cell | VESC | LHB | CF vinyl | Fiberglass | 190kv
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@cmatson I would also be interested!


They look sick. But I am building a vacuum former for ABS soon. I’m sure you will get heaps of requests for the enclosures.


That’s awesome! Love the detail!


Very cool. I’m interested. Make sure to update this thread when you’re ready to sell! I’d like one for my new pack I’m making. 10s4p


Another expense … Furniture Polish :smile:


Always got new stuff to pay for! Haha


@cmatson’s w👀d so nice…Id freaking only ride it on marble … (Oh gees that’s sounds perverted) … Hahah … It’s so nice it’s perverted


Looks nice. Can u do it in cork or something that would bend with the deck?


how do you set the battery indicator to lipos/higher voltage? Mines set to a 12V lead battery and I can’t figure out how to change it


Sometimes there is a button on the back.


ah ya mine doesn’t have a button where it looks like there needs to be one. Just up/down buttons. Think I need to put one on myself?


Maybe. Where did you buy it from? Some of them come with buttons and some don’t.


Bought this one. Hole right where I need to put a button I guess


We’ll done @cmatson. That looks amazing… Nice job on getting an XCarve! I’ve wanted one too. I’ll most likely need to get one from you eventually.

Not only can you do enclosures but you can also make wooden molds for ABS enclosures!!! Sell molds.


Lets not hijack this thread. I’ll PM you.


probably, but I also think making a wood enclosure helps to stiffen the deck, which allows you to use longer 18650 packs without worrying about flex.


so true, haha I’ll basically have this thing running 24/7


LOL i was about to ask for some wooden fiberglassing forms.

Man i’ve really got to get myself one of these things.


It’s a shame making a mold and then popping out resin/carbon/fiberglass/abs stuff is so cheap and pretty awesome because it’s all pretty nasty stuff compared to the smell of wood.