Current Build Plan, any changes i should make?

Motor mount:
Enertion motor mount

Street Devil 180mm
25€ + shipping

Pulley / Belt
Enertion belt/pulleys pack

[83mm Abec11 flywheels]

190kv 6374
71€ + shipping

Enertion standard VESC

40€ need to find a way to get in denmark

18650’s for battery:
50 x Samsung 25R 2500mah 20A

Deck + griptape
Wood Plywood from local woodshop, not sure about price
~ 50€ ? maybe

Alumiunm sheets for enclosures

AntiSpark Switch:
Forum 25 €

Not found yet, shouldnt be too hard though.

Where can you get an anti spark switch for 25 euros I’m interested

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he wrote “Forum” next to it. @DeathCookies sells them I think.

Normally i dont hijack a thread but this time you asked. I assume he means the antispark kit
@sl33py’s thread
My thread


Yes this is the one i was reffering to :slight_smile:

Looks like a solid build list.

just to confirm the “street devil” trucks are caliber clones? In order to fit the Enertion motor mount - not sure how much a clone varies from a caliber.

50 cells 18650 ? what are you running 10s5p? How will you charge? if standard charger (two 5s packs) works i’d recommend the inexpensive/good-value iMax b6ACv2. If you are going “plug and play” via BMS - i’ll let one of those more knowledgeable comment w/ suggestions.

For your enclosure - i’d suggest looking at Kydex or GF/CF for weight savings. There are a few folks here and elsewhere online that sell kydex enclosures.

Look forward to seeing the build - GL!

I belive so, im not so sure about the trucks though, i might change them.

Yes im building a 10S5P i will get a 36V li-on charger and use a vga plug as a balance connector. that way i wont need a bms since the VESC has a low voltage cutoff

if you are going with a lipo charger - i would suggest when you build your pack, you split it into two 5s packs vs one large 10s pack. Nearly all basic lipo chargers will charge 1-6s. Charging more than 6s requires a more expensive charger. So you can use something like the iMax for parallel charging two 5s packs.

Now if your budget allows i’d also look at the iCharger variants - great chargers! You’ll need a DC power supply for most if not all of the high-end chargers. This converts your wall voltage (120 or 240v depending on your location) to DC voltage (usually 12v - though some iChargers in particular like 24v). A great inexpensive, but high output DC power supply is an old Server power supply. A simple conversion lets you get 1 or 2 in series for 12/24v. I have two for 24v 1500w - waaay overkill for what i need, but nice to have. I have an older iCharger 306 (30amp 6s max).


I used aluminum for my enclosure on my newest build and it came out great!

You just need some insulation for sound.

I would love to see that, do you have any pictures? :slight_smile:

Looks great, why is it noisy?

here are some more

the noise not bad most of the time, I just spayed the inside of the enclosure with plasticdip to dampen sound and vibration more. I think i’ll spray the deck also.

I also put a piece of foam between the battery and alu since the sheet is thin. still need to figure out how to blend the edge… or cut it shorter…