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Creating battery



I agree with you about what you are saying about parallel and series. You do have to know exactly what you are doing.
I am probably not going to go with lipo’s simply because it defeats the purpose of having a DIY electric skateboard. That is my opinion.

I have done research and am in the position to move forward. I have been on with this forum for the past 2 years. I think using soldering in battery packs is very messy. I think my best bet would be getting vruzend solder less battery pack. Simply because of the versatility that it provides. I can make whatever connections I want without it being dangerous and it’s customizable.

In my time here people have always told me the same types of things "you don’t know what your talking about. Your going to build a bomb. " I could not disagree more.

I do know what insulation is and I understand the danger of using a spot welder. I know how the spot welder works. I know what series is and parallel. As well as how to combine them. I am not saying I know everything, but I am saying I understand enough to move forward. I even understand how to create the vesc controller, however I think thats too much work.

I am going to use this forum and ask questions when I need to know more answers. I am at a good point right now. Thank you very much for everyone’s input on this topic.



Hello fellow e-skaters
all, I was wondering if you truely need a bms?
or would a hobby charger be a better option? to charge my battey system lets say 10s 4p


Bruv. You have been asked, directed and damn near begged to do some research. This site is full of the answers to your question. Everyone else won’t say this but it needs to be said. @mmaner if I’m out of line tell me…

You are clearly uneducated in battery building. If you had the littlest of knowledge in it, you would have known about if bms is needed or not. And I’m not going to tell you cause all you’re going to do it come back and ask which one you should get. It’s redundant as shit as to how many people come here and expect to be handed all their answers by the PROs. Yeah I said it :sunglasses: Seriously. Do some damn research. Stop asking us the questions that can be answered by using that search bar. I’m not saying you are lazy, but you’re going about it the lazy way. No one will help you in life if you arent willing to help yourself.

Life lesson featuring Mista J. Mic drop @Sender lol


Ooooooooof he just got told. Lol


a balance of both…


to build a battery for esk8, you just buy a ton of cells (if you want to go 35 mPh (sic! @b264 )). throw it in a bag with some solder, heat shrink and solder paste. zip it and shake.

voilà! no need for search buttons!!


I bookmarked this thread because sometimes I just need a good laugh. Everyone banging their respective heads against the wall so to speak and it just not getting through. :rofl:


someone’s trolling us for sure


good fucking Christ. sorry i have no sag, 30km of range and a top speed of 55kmh. get that for $250 with liion without burning your house down…


This is 2 months old this thread and pretty sure it was a pure trolling exercise. Either that or he did indeed burn his house down lol


@mynamesmatt geez

To kurtis:

What kind of earth defying logic and opinion is that?

“I am probably not going to go with lipo’s simply because it defeats the purpose of having a DIY electric skateboard. That is my opinion.”

Im gonna keep this in my quote book.

and a simple video on youtube could of explained everything… :joy:

and why did i just notice this topic?