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Community wheel poll



How would you compare the ureathane quality to your current offerings?


These ones are made in the USA. A TON better than the current offerings which we have now. They also benefit our direct drive setup so wanted to go with a higher quality kegel core wheel. @b264 has been testing it. So far has been great with no chunking.

Sorry don’t want to push the thread off-topic. I think it helps to know though in-case you guys do plan on going a similar route we don’t get people making the exact same wheels and we are able to enjoy a wider range of variety in products. If you want too, fine with me… Just my 2 cents. :smile:


Maybe an Aquamarine blue, Teal or a Turquoise?


Rolling resistance decreases with the wider contact patch it seems.
We want to fit standard axles of course.


Super wide 97mm -110mm.
Color, olive drab green


I really like the idea of community owned molds/stuff if this ever evolve into an actual project I would like to be part of it…

Do we have any estimated figure we are talking about here for a batch of first 500pcs?

I am into bigger wheels >100mm preferably, but I guess we should first make what the most of the community wants.


Agreed. Any community wheel NEEDS to be at least >100mm otherwise there is no point going through all the trouble when there are other products on the market that will already do.


Also, while I prefer green, black is a good all around color for everyone and won’t get dirty looking.


I’m excited! When is the preorder? I am also interested on a discount price for 12 sets of possible.


@kuphjr Should be in a few weeks. Want to finalize a few things first. But yeah, pre-order would be the best time for that. You’d save quite a bit.


Where can I pre order?


Tiffany blue is the color you need


Sector 9 did a double wide wheel that had a contact patch of 70mm those are the widest wheels I’ve seen


Abec11 centrax are 78mm patch I think and these motor tires 80mm