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Community wheel poll



How would you compare the ureathane quality to your current offerings?


These ones are made in the USA. A TON better than the current offerings which we have now. They also benefit our direct drive setup so wanted to go with a higher quality kegel core wheel. @b264 has been testing it. So far has been great with no chunking.

Sorry don’t want to push the thread off-topic. I think it helps to know though in-case you guys do plan on going a similar route we don’t get people making the exact same wheels and we are able to enjoy a wider range of variety in products. If you want too, fine with me… Just my 2 cents. :smile:


Maybe an Aquamarine blue, Teal or a Turquoise?


Rolling resistance decreases with the wider contact patch it seems.
We want to fit standard axles of course.


Super wide 97mm -110mm.
Color, olive drab green


I really like the idea of community owned molds/stuff if this ever evolve into an actual project I would like to be part of it…

Do we have any estimated figure we are talking about here for a batch of first 500pcs?

I am into bigger wheels >100mm preferably, but I guess we should first make what the most of the community wants.


Agreed. Any community wheel NEEDS to be at least >100mm otherwise there is no point going through all the trouble when there are other products on the market that will already do.


Also, while I prefer green, black is a good all around color for everyone and won’t get dirty looking.


I’m excited! When is the preorder? I am also interested on a discount price for 12 sets of possible.


@kuphjr Should be in a few weeks. Want to finalize a few things first. But yeah, pre-order would be the best time for that. You’d save quite a bit.


Where can I pre order?


Tiffany blue is the color you need


Sector 9 did a double wide wheel that had a contact patch of 70mm those are the widest wheels I’ve seen


Abec11 centrax are 78mm patch I think and these motor tires 80mm


I dont want to see a fucking abec core on black urethane that is 107 mm that already exists and yes it is a good chunk of change but lets get something different like a kegel core which alot of wheels are coming out with or have been out ie boa wheels, popoca, ahmoy, and the different otang wheels and do a 107mm in a color other than black and for the people that say I want a stealth board shut up because you will be wishing you didnt have a stealth board when you get tag because you are on a completely dark board with no lights at night. Nothing wrong with a little pop of color like blue or red. A nice tiffany blue wheel would be really nice.


Sorry been confused and writing in the wrong thread. I’ll get a solid price on the molds and cost of production too by next week and see who wants to go in on it.
I wrote tony there and for the cost of 500 91x78mm!!! Haha. You’ll grow to love it. The idea that “it’s been done” isn’t the case. This is a wheel like double the width of a normal wheel to begin with and center set versatility with rounded edges cause we figured that out. And this is the best rubber out there. I’m sure designing a pulley for it would be no problem and could cast it out of aluminum or print it whatever. Wouldn’t fit other systems but adaptable if u really wanted to. And why would you want to adapt? Because the wheels would be the best and we’d get them and ultimately likely end up selling them super cheap ourselves with the free market. But we’d be in the market with the best stuff out there. There’s a whole regular skate market out there too. I just want to ride the wheels and see what happens with the community organizing enough to pool their money to do it. And then we’d have 100 molds to do future pours whenever we pooled the bucks to do so. Syched to see prices. Sadly I’m totally addicted to them over all other rubber.


And costs are looking much cheaper than expected. Like 2/3 what I said earlier. If u want to do this give me a like on this post and I’ll assume ur willing to add 500$ maybe towards the goal! I’m really syched on this. Screw other companies we can make our own.


There are some areas that have gaps that a 90mm wheel will just fall right into, I don’t even attept to cross those even with my 107s but 6 shooters just keep rolling I haven’t been able to stop them yet lol


So what core would it have


Still waiting on pulleys for Venom Magnums.

Basically the modern day Centrax with a vented core. Grips better and costs less too.