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Carvon Electric


Carvon Mini Cruiser



How cute is that? What are the specs?


Not for nothing…it’s a good deal



You hold the record for most threads created in the universe ever.


Nevertheless, like I said, cute product, good price, possible market.
Not sure if it’s urs @Michaelinvegas but good luck!


Lol I’m board at the moment lol


Lol nope …way to small


It’s kinda good inspiration


This is Carvons new set up
Single motor…DUAL drive

Note the belt tensioners


Cool, am interested to see how he did this!


Very interesting.


Cool, note how the wheels can move independently at the end


Cant figure out how he did this, and if it is truly a dual drive from one motor. Seems the only way to do this would be to have some sort of clutch pack somewhere, or a limited slip mechanism, but unless he did something inside the motor you can’t see anything going on. Would like to see him hold one wheel and put power to the other and visa versa.
If he did really figure a true way to drive two wheels with one motor and have it rideable, this guy is awesome!


the motor pulleys have one way bearings.

I would think it would make a lot of click noises.


How would that help to drive the wheels independently?


it would act like limited slip differential for turning etc


But the wheels were able to be rotated in the same direction as when driven by the motor. So I still don’t understand. With the bearings, turning the wheel would also turn the motor can - right? We don’t see that in the video so there must be some sort of “loose” connection - can’t be just bearings and a single axis


kind of like a ratchet

allows a wheel to reverse but seems noisy and complicated.

Will be interesting to see how it performs.


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