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Car horn on electric skateboard



The other day, I was flying down the streets and almost hit(or got hit?) by a woman who decides to cross on red. I wished I could honk at her.

So now I am going to make my wish come true. I plan to get this cheapo horn from amazon and use the second channel on TB’s mini remote to honk.

What do you guys think of this? Has anyone done it?


I can shout pretty loud :slight_smile:


Same here. I shout loud enough. Riding a week or so back the small kid that is stepping into my way as i try to ride by (fascinated obviously) - i tried to “politely” shout to MOVE. He was old enough to know better, but got chewed out by his mom… felt a little bad. But didn’t have to bail or run him over so a better alternative.

I usually say something loudly like - coming through, or on your left. MOVE is the last before i try to do something exciting and likely crash.


@Mikeomania12 had a pretty cool one for a while, you should ask him about it.


My first board

Beep beep


You activated the horn by stepping on the button?


Wow you are quick as a whip


:joy::joy: I don’t even know how to interpret that.


Well yeah…what was I suppose to do…Bend down every time to honk? Lol

I just got a momentary push button …and added some round plastic cushion and stepped on it…

Never used it …it was just a funny thing to add


What horn is that?


Some cheapo horn off eBay


The round thing in the bottom of the picture is the horn


Lol couldn’t really tell if it was on the deck or custom remote or something.


What words did you look up? I’m tempted to get a motorcycle horn that say they’re 100db to scare people and also because I mostly ride in the street



I don’t say this often but sir, you are so extra. But that’s why we’re such good friends. :slight_smile:


Just any car horn…

All pretty much the same


Haha that’s great.

Was instantly reminded of this video

do u have an fm radio yet? I want that.


Who listens to radio…?

Bluetooth is around corner :wink:


Don’t stop at the horn like I did…


reminds me of this: