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Cant get motor pulley off


I glue my Trampa aluminum pulleys with green Loctite equivalents. Then use some heat (torch, mini torch or strong heat gun), and pull them off with the bearing extractor tool (10 uSd within my country). Save my pulleys, fast change gearing, plus alway glueing and not having loose pulley issues…


Desperate times call for desperate measures lol…


Next time try in the freezer!!


You need more practice with the angle grinder :rofl:


Nah…that bitch was siezed on… Had to go for the full cut… Looks like a half cut.was what u needed and it came off?


Just messing with you man.
Mine was not seized, a Hudy hex tip broke into the set screw. These things are very hard and no matter what I tried I could not drill it out so I had to cut the pulley where the set screw was to remove it.


Ya no.worries… What I did.after was lightly file the motor shaft to just to take and “inth” off and the other one slid on/off with a better tolerance


I will second what @thisguyhere said you need a gear puller and some heat. If you have a fine tipped soldering iron you could probably stick that on the grub screws to heat up the loctite around them