Can I switch the VESCs mosfets so it handles more amps?



or there are other limits?
I guess it needs to be in the same form factor, so heat dissipation will be the same.
or, can I connect the VESC to an external board with fets?


What is the application?


this would be more work than its worth…
i think you can connect 2 vesc in parallel and get double current. still probably not worth the trouble…


electric skateboards :smile:


I don’t think its possible, phase cycle need to be timed unless I modify the motor so it has 6 phase like this:


pretty sure someone was doing it on es for an ebike. :sunglasses:

same signal in, same resistance out…w.hat would shift it out of phase?


50A already flings me up hills at 20mph…how much more current do you need?
planning a trip to the moon?


Would the vesc-x suit your needs?

It’s sporting these fets


Need more amps with low voltage battery