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Build Log: Waterproof longboard 10s LiFe with Vesc


Starting an Instagram for pics of my board and other things I invent/build!
Go check it out!


Hi man! Awesome build!
What deck are you using? A link would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Whats the name of that deck? Is it flexy? Link please :slight_smile:


i believe its an arbor axis. I don’t know what length though


Yep. Arbor axis 40. Is a bit flexi.


@VAEsk8 hey! sorry I haven’t been on here in a while, yup it’s an Arbor Axis, I got it here:
but it looks like they are sold out at that link right now, and it is slightly flexy, not nearly as flexy as a boosted board deck though.


Here is a quick update on my board since I haven’t posted on here in a while.
My motor broke so I got this new motor.

I didn’t want my black controller to look like a gun anymore so I painted it red with Plasti Dip. It also matches the motor quite well.

After I did these upgrades this happened:

I was riding on a dark sidewalk and hit a huge crack. The board just snapped and I went right into the ground.

Here is my temporary fix for the deck which got me to class for the last 2 weeks of my semester:

I bought a new deck and I just need to drill all those mounting holes again :sweat_smile: I will post pics here once the new deck is on. It’s the same style deck but with a different pattern on the bottom and better grip tape.


Here is my new deck and some pics fo the board with it installed!


you’re not using the drop-through for your trucks, wouldn’t you prefer a deck without those huge holes and have a bit more strength?


How’s your motor holding up riding ing in wet weather?
Did you take your motor apart and coat anything or change the bearings?


@TiMMaTTie You’re right, a deck without the holes would add a lot of strength, but my current enclosures only fit the exact shape of that deck. I will probably go with a different deck for my next build.

@Skunk I haven’t done anything to the motor and it has been holding up great! I don’t ride it in the rain very often though. It doesn’t rain much in AZ, but I did ride a few miles through the pouring rain a month ago and it worked well.


Nice work on the Mcgiver fix!!

You should consider a reinforcing plate that goes and inch or two towards the center of the deck so you don’t snap this one in the same spot.


@TiMMaTTie and @lrdesigns you guys called it lol. This just happened a couple days ago. It was the back part this time. I think I am going to get another of the same deck so that I don’t have to remake my enclosures then reinforce it with steel this time.

Also the MayTech motor got rammed into the sidewalk and slid for a good few seconds till I stopped. It still works great. None of the electronics got damaged.


I can see the future man, the FUTURE! bhahaha.

3rd deck is the charm they say. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If you can tie the plate into the bolts you already have for the enclosure that could be a good method without having to drill any extra holes.

I had a drop through that started to crack in the same spot, I did this.


@lrdesigns I like the drawing! I will definitely try to do something like that. What material is your plate and where did you get it?


Its just 2mm Aluminium plate. I just cut it by hand with hacksaw. I got it at metal shop, they may have offcuts this size if you ask.


But will aluminium give enough strength? Presume steel is too heavy though.


I just put new deck on and here’s what I came up with for reinforcements. They are 1/4 inch aluminum plates. I didn’t reuse the enclosure bolt holes because my enclosure is starting to crack and that would put extra stress on it. Instead I just used one thick bolt on each plate. I think this deck is gonna hold up for a while now. @TiMMaTTie @lrdesigns


Nice work, I hope it has a long life now. :ok_hand: :grinning: