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Boss level custom spot welder


Okay that makes sense. I thought 19V was recommended. Should I get a 24V 5amps charger instead?


Above 19v works better but the most important thing is wattage 12v with a Big amperage works like a charm.
I tried several configurations. 24v 5 amps is the best so far. I got a charger at Aliexpress for cheap


It’s weird. I bought It for 8€ it’s almost double now. Anyway… Something like that


that’s unfortunate I just bought another one for like $13 it’s all good


Maybe i got an offer. Bah. Just a few bucks. No worries. 13$ is still very cheap.


Is it way faster at 19V or 24V than 12V? how many times faster?


Wattage. That’s the deal. Just provide amps and you are good


2:25 i am using 12v yet the amps are huge. It works surprisingly well. That’s a good option for off the grid jobs. At home i use my 24v5a


So my lipo died in the middle of a job, and hobbyking takes at least 10 days to deliver to croatia
And my car battery for some reason is too weak, its how its brand new and 400A rated for 30seconds

Could anyone close to me borrow me their lipo just for a few days, im in a really shit situation


Would anyone in USA like to sell their boss lever spot welder? I need one asap


@rojitor love this thing, thanks for the YouTube tutorials!


Welcome brotha


To get one of these spot welders, should I just send him (@aulakiria )an email?


@Grozniy yes and he will reply with all the details.
Edit: he said to buy one there is a 30 day wait when i checked last week


Lee out of stock? he must be really busy.


See https://blog.naver.com/aulakiria/220992039512

I do not check paypal every day. ^^;
If you send me e-mail, I can quickly check Shipping Info. and paypal.


Hello guys:
I’m having issues with the spot welder not welding correctly?, hope you guys help me setting it correctly or tell me what could be wrong with it.

Here are my settings:

I’m using:
0.15mm pure nickel strips

The welds stick together after each weld but I can easily pull them with my bare hands without too much effort, it used to weld pretty good at 3ms but now at 4ms the welds are pretty poor, not sure if I just need to rause the welding time or there’s might be something else.


Testing mine with a razor blade my best weld settings for .2 pure nickel was 7ms

If you have a razor blade test the welds and settings on that till you get a good weld.


Are you using the same pen? Check the gap between points. Different gap=different ms

  1. Please fully charge.
    16.8v should be displayed.

  2. You used a Chinese pen.
    Please use what I sent first.

  3. Assuming 0.15 should be around 7 ~ 8ms.