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Boss level custom spot welder


Well I liked my 709A spot welder but for me it was more for the ability to be “off grid”. It works very well I thought the spot welder was going to be weak but it is pretty powerful. The soldering iron is beast it heats up fast too. The size was a bonus for me of course you don’t have to use lipos you can use a lead acid battery or for the soldering iron a 19v or 24v laptop style charger. I would messasge aulakiria and find out if he has any available. I thought the same but in my case he had some available. I ended up with this. Two boards one used for spot welding the other for soldering both run off of batteries one from lipos and the other from 18650s. Work well and it is the same size as the old spot welder but I can take it and use it anywhere even when the power goes out and where I live during the winter it does a lot. If you have any other questions feel free to ask I will do my best to answer. @jmasta


Thanks for the answer.
How is rated the 12V rail ?
I need to study the device once arrived. Can’t wait ! :slight_smile:


Wowwwww, I’ve hooked up the pedal and dialed in the settings, it’s welding the test strips like a champ.

I feel ready to try it against some old batteries with nickel, soon able to build a pack with this.
novice -> boss level

My work table is a little scarred from too high a welding time on the test strips, but it’s not the first beating it’s taken :slight_smile:


Go for it bro!


I have been doing a rather big pack today with my boss welder. A triangle 22s 6p pure copper pack for ebike

the night has caught me. Let’s call it a day. I will continue tomorrow

More pics and maybe a video when done.


Very nice!! How thick is that copper? Did you need to use a 4S battery for spot-welding the copper?


0.1 copper. Yes 4s lipo needed for that job.


I have been doing the first charges and tests today. It has enormous power.


Ill probably do the same when I update my bike with an electric motor lol wonder if I can use copper foil? It is 0.1 thick but it is a sheet not strip


Sheet is the same. You just have to cut it.
If you go on with copper remember this:
Copper 0.1 needs lipo 4s 5-6 ms 2x
Copper on copper makes poor welds. You must pre-solder all the tabs or use the wide tabs method.
The heat will rise very much, good fans and heatsinks required.
The pen will get very hot too, you must rest every few welds.
Aulakiria does not support it. You can damage the fets.Do it at your own risk
Glasses and gloves are a must. It is way more dangerous than nickel.
The contact must be perfect. Gaps will make big holes.
If you agree with all that the conductivity of your battery will be amazing.
Insane damn good results. I think it is worth it and I will keep doing it but I do not recommend it because of all the issues it involves.



I finished the video of the triangle battery


It is a Thanksgiving holiday from September 30th to October 9th in Korea.
I hope everyone has a pleasant autumn. ^^


Hey @rojitor your video is now unavailable. I’d be very interested in watching it!


Thank you aulakiria. Have a nice autumn you too.


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I re-edited that video with 100% free music. You can watch it here:



You too @aulakiria have a great holiday, I am mostly soldering with the spot welder, oh the irony(sic)

@rojitor you could hum a little ditty instead :joy:


This is S2 (Spot welder, Soldering). 1 + 1 = 2 or more. ^^




nice vid… great to see the welder in action… As I remember, it is possible to finish all the pack without letting anything cool down right? … and in terms of energy usage… the lipos dont get depleted at all (till flat) during spot welding… ?


You can set a voltage base level, in @rojitor’s video I saw 11.7v at a low level, I did the same and a warning beep happens at that point and it will no longer make a weld.