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Boss level custom spot welder


Yep I know all that. Sorry I wasn’t clear. :wink:
I meant what capacity is required for the 3S pack powering the spot welder to spot about 40 cells ?
I don’t have any scale about the consumption of a spot welder.


Oh that. I have 5000 mah. I think you can weld 40 cells with that. You can use several lipos in parallel too.
The solder can work at least for half an hour with that.


Then, I go for a 5Ah 3S on HK.
Thanks again ! :wink:


Share with us your experience. Pics and videos are welcome :blush:


I used 5ah 30c zippys (old, crap and puffy o.O), i welded 30 cells and only dropped 1v


I am preparing a video. Step by step cool mod.
I will upload when edited.



Shopping list:
thermal silicone
heatsink: many small pieces, one 40x60mm or two 40x40mm (must be cut)
female jack 5.5mm
two fans 5v 12v 24v…your choice
a power supply matching the fans
some glue
50mm wide pvc shrink, a piece of 20mm will be enough
4 screws m3x16mm
if you don’t have heatgun or hair dryer a lighter can do the job.
all of it can be purchased at ebay,aliexpress,amazon…even at your local electronics store.
The thermal silicone needs some time to cure. It will not reach its full potential until you use the welder for a few times.
The spot welder will not go over 40º using this mod (at least for me)


Is this mod a must?


No, not really. It depends on your weather and the use you make of the machine.
For cell phone repairs i guess the bare plate will dissipate the heat perfectly.
For 0.1 nickel in a cold weather a few heatsinks or a 5v fan installed on that port should be enough.
The more intense use you make of the machine the more the temperature rises.
I installed a 5v on the port the first day…we were in a heat wave and i was welding 0.2 nickel…it was not enough.
Then i installed a bunch of little heatsinks and two 12v fans. The temperature never reached 40º celsius since that day.
Copper welding at 4s lipo rises the temperature considerably. This mod with 24v fans is more than recommendable for that kind of use. For 0.2 nickel i guess it is recommendable depending on your weather.
I hope it helps.


Hey fellas @rojitor @aulakiria

I powered up for the first time today, since my old gas powered soldering iron is just not up to the job I needed to use the sodlering function first to make a x60 -> x90 connector (for VESC detection). I’ll look at spot welding when ready…

I found an old laptop charger and it first up very nicely on 20v (3.25A), it powered right up and it was obvious, turn the knob to increase temp. I increased to 300c and it was too easy to to work the solder and flux/tin the wires, very nice control.

Anyway I hit my first road bump , the soldering tip is very sharp on this lovely Hakko but I was thinking I could use a wider tip? I bought a set of soldering tips from hobbyking some time ago and tried to fit them but their ID is too small by about 0.5 mm. Maybe Hakko should have some kind of tip retainer…I don’t know

Anyway can you link a set(10 pack variety) of soldering tips which would work with this Hakko pen on eBay (shipping friendly) whic are known to fit correctly?


Ps. I even like the startup tune :slight_smile:


Sorry I dunno bro. Maybe @aulakiria knows.



Search Hakko, T12.


@aulakiria : how many amp max could the fan power supply deliver ?


It is late night in Korea. I guess you have to wait for tomorrow


@banjaxxed @aulakiria in America and EU you want to search for Hakko T15. T12 is the Asian market version. They are the same tough.


thanks, found a selection pack for about €10 inc. shipping on eBay

Some solder joints my first time with a quality device and first bullet/XT, never going back to gas!


No need to hurry :wink:


Tr is 800 mA. If you want powerful performance, connect directly to 12v.


How does this compare to the popular Sunkko 788H for spot-welding? I have several 3S lipos I could use, but I feel that with all the popularity from this thread, it may take awhile for Aulakiria’s awesome spot welder to arrive