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Boosted Board Motor Mount Bracket?



Hey guys,

I really like the boosted board mount bracket and was wondering if it would fit around a 63mm motor if it was custom made? and would it fit on a dual build…




<img src="/uploads/db1493/original/2X/8/89bd2a50eb435d43f7ca8a4aca7cfb6468697a40.jpeg" width=“366” height=“500”

Don’t think the original motors are 63mm … Mounts need to be modified or replaced with ones that can hold a 63mm motor

If the trucks are Calibers as in the picture…then getting a mount is easy


I have Paris trucks, but i was wondering if i was to custom make some to fit 63mm motors but in the style of the boosted board, would it work?

Just wondering as i haven’t seen anyone try it here


Sure what not


Boosted boards used smaller motors, not sure if they still do. I recall that maybe they were scorpion motors… Probably 40-50mm diameter.


I’ve seen these with measurements. Was thinking of adjusting some measurements to fit the trucks and motor…


No prob using Paris trucks DIY Skateboard has mounts I think that will fit Paris…you need to confirm with @torqueboards


I just got printed a cover for the pulley which is kinda half of what you’re looking for. I do need to find/make a part to print which will be the piece right next to the belt. I’ll let you know how things turn out.


That sounds awesome, thanks