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Board Gets Slow over time


Hi All I wasn’t sure where to place this as it could be a mechanical or electrical issue. But it seems that after riding my board for extended periods it seems to loose its torque. How would I go about diagnosing this?
I’d say I weight about 90KG I’m running enertion gear,
basically it’s a single motor raptor (6374) with a different deck than what they offer.
does the vesc thermal throttle at times?


what’s your battery cut off start set to, and what battery do you have?


That’s sounds like the voltage taking a nose dive


off the top of my head I honestly don’t remember now, but the default enertion sent it as. I’m using 10s3p (SCP3)


if I push it (which requires 100% duty just to maintain speed) it will drain my battery very fast


I’d see if you could monitor voltage while you are riding … Sound like some voltage sag


will do, before or after caps?


At the battery terminals would be best.