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BMS wiring main leads? (SOLVED)


I have this BMS I bought from battery space and the directions don’t make full sense.

I looked at the directions listed on the page and I have the 2 pieces wired together and the balance wires properly done. My confusion is in the main wires. I so the question is this:
battery main + goes where?
battery main - goes where?
Wires going to my VESC + and - go where?
Charging wires both + and - go where?
The options are (P-) (B+/P+) (B-)
Seriously I think I’m over thinking this and it’s too easy but I’m lost bro.
I am Better with pictures if someone can doodle something that’d be freaking awesome. But if not just pleas be specific in what should go where?


I don’t think anyone on this forum has used battery space. We all use supower and bestech. Sorry, but I can’t help you.


Is there not a diagram on their website? Try contacting them.


Yeah thanks for trying.
I was finally able to get ahold of the manufacturer. They walked me through it, for future reference in case someone else gets the same question:
B+/P+ is the main battery + lead, also the main charger + lead, and the main output + lead.
B- is the battery main neg
P- is the output - and the charger -