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BLDC tool for firmware 3.3


New to posting and my first build so please be gentle if I’m being a dumbarse!
I’ve just purchased a vesc from Maytech which is hardware version 4.12 but apparently has firmware 3.3 The latest version of bldc tools I can find supports firmware 2.16 and 2.18 and it’s the only version I can find, if I try to connect it tells me it can’t because the vesc firmware is too old (I’m assuming its actually because its newer but it can’t tell that)
Is there a newer version of bldc that I can use or can I safely downgrade to 2.18
Also what happens if I just use it as is, as it seems to run fine. I’m guessing at the very least I’ll kill my lipo’s prematurely by over flattening if I keep running till it dies but will I hurt the vesc motor etc



You sir are a legend! all sorted. Thank you :pray:t2:


You sir are crazy! :wink:


I am. Only a bit though sir :crazy_face: