Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

Blackhole Evo | Landyachtz Evo Falcon | 10s5p | Dual Focbox | TB 6355



I designed a handle/bumper for TB rear mounts. Been using it for a few weeks without any issues, seems pretty strong even in PLA. STL available HERE


Amazing thank you. I’ll cnc it.

I often find myself wrapping my hand around the motors to pull it short distances. This will turn it into a bit more of a suitcase. Perfect mod


CNC all the way if you can. Can’t wait until I have a CNC mill available to use, sooooon.

Make sure to get the spacing right between the brackets and adjust if needed, in my case it was 127.2mm. I’d print a test fit first. :smiley:


Oh man id love a set of those. I have motors on the front and back and feel bit exposed.


slick build!
how much was the total cost if you dont mind me asking?


Approx $1500-1600, I waited for sales on a few items


This is my ideal build right here. I have been wanting a Carvon Evo 4wd for a long time now but with what I have heard about the wait it just sounds like a complete nightmare and I’m not willing to lay up $3500 for something there is absolutely no definitive time frame on/ unresponsive customer service given such a high price tag. Some of the guys here in NYC have Evo diy builds; both belt drive and carvon xl/ carbon torque drives. With that said, I actually love the way the belt drives feel on this board, so stable and fast - plus the power is so smooth. I have been researching a ton and your build honestly seems to be exactly what I’m looking to do. It’s honestly the nicest DIY I’ve EVER SEEN. Beautiful bro.

Like I said, I plan on doing almost the same thing. Diyeboards sells a “pro 3 kit” which has the TB 6374 190kv motors, 12s4p 30q battery pack, torque motor mounts, TB 218mm trucks etc. However it comes with a TB VESC and from what I understand this is not ideal? Would you use this for get the Foc Boxes? Also what kind of specs can I expect from the 6374 motors compared to your 6355s? I want a similar top speed (around 40mph). See the kit here collections/electric-skateboard-conversion-kit/products/pro3-electric-skateboard-conversion-kit

Any input here would help - thanks!!


Read around the forum and other Evo builds. Do you know why a TB vesc isn’t ideal? If you’re gonna build one you gotta read a lot first to know what you’re doing.

That said, TB vesc’s are fine. They’re (currently) v4 vescs so FOC isn’t perfectly stable so you’re safer running in BLDC or Hybrid mode which either it does fine. Focboxes are V4 vescs as well but have upgraded components to run in FOC.

They’re bigger motors so they’ll have more torque, top speed is determined by kv


I appreciate the input. I currently have a Boosted Board V2 dual plus Xr & an Ownboard W1s. However, I am looking for something with more speed and definitely want the Evo deck. I just figured that for the money this Torque Board pro 3 kit has everything I need. Do you think the Torque Boards VESC would be fine then? In other words, is it a decent VESC? Also, I completely understand what you are saying about the motors, what I was asking is where would the top speed be compared to your 6355 motors? Thanks again for the responses.

Only reason I reached out to you specifically was because of all the Evos I looked at, yours was the closest to what I want… It’s a compliment!


It does have everything you need, but it’s also not hard to source those parts around the forum. Personally, the wheels, bearings, battery and enclosure are all things I would change. Although, they are updating a lot of their catalog for 2019 fyi.

It’s a decent vesc yes from my experience and most others. Learn what all the terms I mentioned mean and it will help you make your decision. For instance do you need a silent ride?

Top speed is determined by KV, both 6355 and 6374 are 190kv. So for the same voltage they will spin the same speed, one has more torque. Use this and read on the forum some more


I believe the battery uses Samsung 30Q cells in a 12s4p configuration. From what I’ve read 30q cells have the highest continuous rate of almost any cell. Are you saying you would change the configuration, the cell type, or both?

As for doing the research, I definitely will! I just figured for the price and convenience factor the kit would be good. Obviously I would change the wheels to Abec 107s and put on zealous or Swiss bones bearings.

Your input so far is a huge help! Thanks man.


Noise factor is not an issue. Like I said I have the boosted which is loud and the Ownboard which is silent and don’t have a preference.


Samsung 30Q is the current standard for most people because the price/performance ratio is good (30q is 15amp so a 12s4p can supply 60a). They’re fine, id just change the layout to flat. If you want more convenience that will come from understanding the all of the parts well before you buy them. You’ll save more money doing that than buying a kit.


Hello, you said that you couldnt be bothered with putting the motors underneath the board, but would they fit if you did and do you think it would fit with 6374 motors? Also how much ground clearance do you have. I am building a PRO3 electric skateboard conversion kit and am struggling to find a deck, thanks!


You won’t get the motors under the deck with an eboosted enclosure. If the enclosure is flat backed and doesn’t follow the curve of the drop and you had some short mounts you might get them forward.

You can’t get 74s on a 10" caliber 2 but on tb218s or ecalibers or basically anything longer you could. I think you would struggle getting a larger can to sit well forward in that drop on the falcon though.


Beautiful build! Nice work. I have been looking at a similar build but with a bustin boards 35" sportster deck. I love the rear handle Idea! Now I just need to find a 3d printer lol


I am pretty sure that is not the case.


That’s a different deck though. More space


It is longer, however from the pictures I have seen, the transition from the middle of the deck to the rear seems the same as the falcon and the same thing looks to be the case for the enclosure.
However I do not possess a falcon to compare to the evo so I may be wrong.


I have both. The falcon has less room for motors underneath. With the skate and explore deck you have more room/extension at the end.