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Blackhole Evo | Landyachtz Evo Falcon | 10s5p | Dual Focbox | TB 6355



I designed a handle/bumper for TB rear mounts. Been using it for a few weeks without any issues, seems pretty strong even in PLA. STL available HERE


Amazing thank you. I’ll cnc it.

I often find myself wrapping my hand around the motors to pull it short distances. This will turn it into a bit more of a suitcase. Perfect mod


CNC all the way if you can. Can’t wait until I have a CNC mill available to use, sooooon.

Make sure to get the spacing right between the brackets and adjust if needed, in my case it was 127.2mm. I’d print a test fit first. :smiley:


Oh man id love a set of those. I have motors on the front and back and feel bit exposed.


slick build!
how much was the total cost if you dont mind me asking?


Approx $1500-1600, I waited for sales on a few items


This is my ideal build right here. I have been wanting a Carvon Evo 4wd for a long time now but with what I have heard about the wait it just sounds like a complete nightmare and I’m not willing to lay up $3500 for something there is absolutely no definitive time frame on/ unresponsive customer service given such a high price tag. Some of the guys here in NYC have Evo diy builds; both belt drive and carvon xl/ carbon torque drives. With that said, I actually love the way the belt drives feel on this board, so stable and fast - plus the power is so smooth. I have been researching a ton and your build honestly seems to be exactly what I’m looking to do. It’s honestly the nicest DIY I’ve EVER SEEN. Beautiful bro.

Like I said, I plan on doing almost the same thing. Diyeboards sells a “pro 3 kit” which has the TB 6374 190kv motors, 12s4p 30q battery pack, torque motor mounts, TB 218mm trucks etc. However it comes with a TB VESC and from what I understand this is not ideal? Would you use this for get the Foc Boxes? Also what kind of specs can I expect from the 6374 motors compared to your 6355s? I want a similar top speed (around 40mph). See the kit here https://diyelectricskateboard.com/collections/electric-skateboard-conversion-kit/products/pro3-electric-skateboard-conversion-kit

Any input here would help - thanks!!


Read around the forum and other Evo builds. Do you know why a TB vesc isn’t ideal? If you’re gonna build one you gotta read a lot first to know what you’re doing.

That said, TB vesc’s are fine. They’re (currently) v4 vescs so FOC isn’t perfectly stable so you’re safer running in BLDC or Hybrid mode which either it does fine. Focboxes are V4 vescs as well but have upgraded components to run in FOC.

They’re bigger motors so they’ll have more torque, top speed is determined by kv