Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

Bioboards Thorium X4 - 4WD Geared Drive | Custom made Evo style board | Caliber 2 baseplate | Fatboy 230 Hanger | 12s6p 30Q | 4x Vesc 6.6 | 4xFatboy Gear Drive | 4x 6374 special ordered motors | Metro Pro | Abec 11 107mm


Rather, just bring one to a group ride and those who are interested can try it. Hate to say it but there’s a chance one can run off with that board hahaha


He just needs to have 2 remotes bound so he can slam the hardest brakes ever, if he sees a runaway. x)


Like others have said, if you trust the build quality of your board, this board will sell itself.

No need to send out boards that you haven’t actually sold.


actually I could think of several ‘Youtubers’ that I would want you to send a highly dangerous board for them to test out (ideally on a busy road)





well yeah, I think thats the idea… :laughing: :wink:

(no one should be hurt I dont back this statement)


Esk8r! :joy:

That would be epic.


Love 10char


and y’all thought I was the mad man


Dont go down that roote. This board will sell it self :slight_smile:


Getting closer to release the webshop. Just got batterys and 150A discharge bms!


How many do you make to begin with?


so sick, dude…nice one


Well I am making 7 boards atm.
It will be 3 different decks.
39evo deck 1 version with 2wd, 1 version with at wheels and the 4wd is already made.
Then their will be a 36 deck with very good performance but it will be price competitive with evolve.
Then the jet spud deck but the new 31 version with kick.
All will have 6374 motors with around 220kv expect the AT deck will have 150kv, all will also be gear drive.
But this board I make/have made atm will not be for sell, will use them for ppl to test them and for me and my partners to ride. Will start making boards for sell after I launched the webshop by the end of this month. And In February start making boards for sell. (31 deck will have 12s3p and 39 12s6p)
Here is the 36 deck that will have a 12s4p 30q battery:

This deck will come with the grip and paint it comes with, because I whant it to have a low price. The other two (39 and 31)will be painted black:

All will have Unity in them I’m beta testing atm:

All decks will have the 107mm wheels from abec11:

Here is a picture of the AT version trying the setup of gear drive:

All 39 version of the board will have 230 hangers and riptide bushings and pivot:

The 31 and 36 deck will have tb 218 hangers

Will use eboosted enclosure for the 31 and 39 deck (for the 36 it will be another lower priced one not revealed yet)

Check more on instagram:


Wholly inappropriate, carry on


? :stuck_out_tongue:


Amazing builds with total esk8 component porn overload, love it


Haha great, ty :grin:


220kv on 12s? Seems high. All good?


Yes works great! It get to around 70kerpm but both the unity and the flipsky 6.6 I tested with can handle it without any problem
And no need to worried about the Torque of this board is insane, here it is racing against the Raptor 2: