(Better than Freeboard) Bindings! finished 3d printable design in post#209!

I just guessed at the angle of contact on my initial design and it didn’t match any of my shoes by a lot. So, I took some measurements and tried to add adjustability to the angle for varying shoe types. Rather than the adjustment by vertical screw I was thinking of a wedge concept where you tighten it’s grip by working your foot further in to your liking. The base is currently PETG and the plate is TPU with like a 15 percent infill that gives a hard rubber feel while still flexy enough it won’t noticably damage if bent quite a bit. Different bolt length can increase stiffness but may give enough leverage to where if you stomp it the base could break. I need to pick up some hardware to actually test it though.

Gods no. It was aluminum. But it caused me a ton of headaches.

Now I have to wait a week to get back on track.


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This thread must not die! I didn’t buy a second 3d printer for nothing


I don’t even care to use these and 3d print a ton of different top part sizes to try out.


I just hope thia doesnt turn in wild goose chase and someone comes up with good design which works just as good as regular bindings but with extra safety considering they would be open

Something else showed up in my pottering about

I knind of like the option of a bent piece of metal but maybe in unison with a 3d printed part. Maybe if the printed part had a channel for which the metal piece could run through Idk, maybe bent over a certatin circumference

Wondering if any design have been thrown up for folks to collab


What about composites tho? You can literally wrap an old boot with plastic wrap and laminate a ~semi-unidirectional strip over it, and then maybe make a dual-bolt adjustment system, kinda like this

regulates the distance and somethings somethings. I had done couple of working sketches myself, turned out very neat and functioning (toothing my horn here) but did a little jury-rigged full-strap tests with an old buckle belt I screwed down into the board - right straight widow-maker the thing was :S tho I did only couple of jumplings and what not on a basement floor, maybe I just didn’t get the hang for it

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I’ve worked on this for short time since the last time…:slight_smile: There is even simpler design than two standoffs.

I have it in cad, just waiting for other project to finish before I post this.



Hi Danile,

I have a koowheel (electric longboarg) and I would like to try a foot bindings as you have designed…can you send to me same design file with that prototype that you show in this pictures? I think those are the perfect measures. let me share with you my better skateboard design www.bit.ly/skate_one , I hope that you like it.

I wait for news from you about your binding design.

thank you so much

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Should be no problem. Just need to get to it

Basically this, piece of 8020 1" profile, and the piece slides up/down for adjustment.

With updated (and aluminum) base plate. Also, the printed piece should be updated for better interface, and smaller part overall.

Will see if I can test it today.

What do you think? Dani


I think it’s beautiful


I absolutely love that you integrated 80/20 T-Slot material in your design, I love that stuff. Good job.




Looks sooooo great! I’d throw a safety cap on there just in case.

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Wow that looks really good

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Thanks! Or just cut the profile yo be inside the plastic part.

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Well… yeah… I guess you could do that too


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Looks good indeed @danile

Give us back some feedback, once you get to test it in real conditions… the biggest factor would be - are jumps possible with these printed + aluminium containing bindings.


great work !

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