(Better than Freeboard) Bindings! finished 3d printable design in post#209!


Ok, theres 5 of us europeans. Is the baseplate threaded at all, or does it have any 3d elements? Need to take a good look at your design


nvm i found this


It’s just a matter of replacing the bolts and the profile to metric. I can do that, just need to know your (EU) preference for the profile. Everything else will be derived from this



OK Ill have a look




Good news, the printed pieces will work with both 1"x1" and 25mmx25mm. No adjustment required.

Here is a table with other things that might differ between continents:

Enjoy, Dani


Much easier to read… hopefully we figure out the best way to make those aluminium plates


I feel you, I don’t enjoy fractions myself…



Anybody in the US want to sell me a pair printed in PETG or better? I get this feeling my first time ever skateboarding being dual Maytech 6374 170kv is gonna need some heavy foot restraint


Very nice!

Waiting for you to show off the complete assembly on a board.



I’ll be home from travels on Sunday! Looking forward to see if they fit on my board. If not I may get a different deck. We shall see :slightly_smiling_face:


I could print you a set. Located in San Diego.


I was wondering

If I could manufacture a batch of plates. Pairing them with short profile pieces and making kind of “short kit” where you’ll have to assemble everything together with minimum work involved: several taps, making the phase for undercut, etc.

Will there be interest? Dani


Interest. Interest here!


I’d definitely be interested. I’m just not sure if shipping to EU wouldn’t cost more than the kit itself. We may need to organize something ourselves here in EU. On the other hand, it’s relatively lightweight, so maybe it wouldn’t be too bad and if the (stated) price is less than 25 EUR we wouldn’t even need to pay any import tax.


These are quality :slight_smile: looking forward to trying them out.


Hey guys

I’m getting the quotes for the plates from manufacturers. For that I’ll need some kind of estimates about the demand.

So, let me know if you are interested and in how many?

Also, what do you think is a good price for these? 20-25/pair?

In US flat rate shipping is 7.35$, I can put a lot of plates in one envelope.

Looking forward for the responses, Dani


That sounds good Dani, in here. I’d offer to be a EU hub, but reship is expensive from Ireland


I need a pair of plates. Is there anybody that actually has some for sale now or do I need to wait for the production run


One pair for me thanks