Best backpack for eskating?


With high-end laptops costing even more than our boards nowadays, I was wondering if any of you happen to know of any rugged laptop backpacks that could protect a laptop in case of a fall. I’ve had to change backpacks twice already due to completely scratching / tearing them due to high speed longboard falls, so having a durable layer on the outside would be a big plus as well.

Feel free to share what you currently use, and why you would recommend it! Thanks!


When I’m taking an “admin day” - Basically skating down the beach and doing 15 mins of admin in summer :smiley: I use a CamelBak Quantico. It’s tough as nuts.

I specifically sought out a military spec backpack for my work laptop, not because of value (company supplied) but because I once dropped it into a commercial dishwasher tank and it took me 6 months to recover all of my work and get over the disruption of losing it when the new one arrived!


Will check that one out! But if you don’t mind me asking, how does one accidentally drop a backpack into a dishwasher? :smiley:


I use a Mil tec backpack. Had it for 10 years and still looks newish. It can fit a 15’4" laptop but it will be a super tight fit. . great backpack


Just the laptop, not the backpack haha. It just opened my eyes as to how important the laptop contents are, so I bought a good bag.

Edit* It’s actually quite easy to fall into these machines :smiley:


Current suggestions are all pretty huge :smiley: I’m personally searching for something small and lightweight, but all suggestions are welcome, as someone else could find them useful. :slight_smile:


Any backpack will do if you buy a Pelican insert. The case will outlive 100 backpacks, you can also have a bunch if you’re into that and just move the case into them.