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Belt size on evolve trucks with Unikboards mount


I am planning to order UNIKBOARDS evolve motor mount for 63mm motor. This one: https://www.unikboards.com/en/boutique/motor-mount-for-evolve/ . I have 15 teeth motor pulley and 38 teeth for the wheel pulley on Abec11 107mm. I would like to order 15mm belts but do not know which size that fits? 265mm, 270mm, 275mm or 280mm? I appreciate all the help I can get! :raised_hands:


You need 281,2mm belt. So that means next available belt is 285mm.
You can also check Here for other pulleys size


you need to check the center distance
with the V2 i have a center dstance between 75 and 85 mm


I’ve done my tests on my side :

265 mm for 15/32 for the street build
385 for the AT version with the evolve AT kit


But Unikboards mount can not be adjusted? If the 285mm is too long, the belts can not be tightened? I have checked that website. A guy who helped me through their chat said 271mm would fit … But I do not know why is it so difficult to get belts to a mount that a reseller sells?


The center distance is 72mm


You have tested Unikboards mount with 265mm 15/32? I’m afraid I get a much worse acceleration with 32t?

I’m rockin 15/36t today.


Well, that’s what the calculator said. Either way, contact @okp with this question. And the mount has some mm to adjust the tension. Also these belts are cheap, if it doesn’t fit, get a new one


15/32T: 280 OK (tested with the V2 mount)
15/65T: 380 OK (tested with the V2 mount)


265 you are sure ? i tested it it was too short. Maybe OK with the V1, but not with the V2.
mailed unik about that :slight_smile:


The one in the link is the version 1 that is the one that I have.
I’m using 285mm belts with 15t and 38t and it’s almost maxed out, so the next time I’ll order 280.


I’m 100% on this one but the belt was kinda tight I admit !
Tho I decided I will mainly use AT tires with my build.
So I have not extensively tested the street belts since I needed them for my 2nd jet Spud build


I am trying to install Evolve All Terrain wheels using the Evolve supercarve trucks and the V2 Unik motor mount. However when installed, the end of the motor shaft and the motor pulley hits/rubs the side of the pneumatic tire. I think the problem is that I am using a HTD 5M-15-375 belt which is too short.

Does anyone know where I can buy HTD 5M-15-380 timing belts in europe?

The only seller I could find was on ebay shipping from china with very long delivery times. Most online shops sell 385mm or 390mm belts (but not 380mm).


Hello , have you found a solution for this ? I think you will need motor pulleys without overhang but not sure with the V2. I have the V2 myself and still need to order some pulleys. Can someone confirm if the V2 can be used with normal pulleys (with overhang)? @okp ?


I found and installed a 380mm belt but the shaft still hit the wheel. okp mentioned that i’d need to cut the end of the shaft with a dermal. This should fix the issue but i’d probably also need to get a pulley without the hanger too.

For now I’ve changed tact. I replaced the unik mount for the original evolve motor mount and brought a racerstar 5065 200kv motor.


which motor were you trying to use on your unik v2 mounts?


6374 FR 170kv from alien power systems


no problem for me


Wow your board looks great. Where did you get your motor pulley? It’s hard to find a pulley in the uk that doesn’t have overhang and doesn’t cost 20 gdp plus. Also, what belt size are you using and did you have to cut the motor shaft?


bought form unikboards.
No motor shaft cut, motor are form eskating (but seems to be maytech rebranded)
Belt Size: 375mm