Belgian Coast Meetup! 01. September


As I live in Germany, the next coast is located a three hour drive west to Ostende, Belgium. So two friends and I will be heading there tomorrow morning, 01.09. with our longboards (mine is the only esk8, so i´ll be towing the other two :monkey:).
We´ll be staying there till friday afternoon and we´ll simply camping there a litte bit southwards in the dunes of Ostende.

So if any of you belgian people are interested of skat´n a bit at the beautiful coast there, we´ll be happy to meetup!!

Anyone up?



I live just a couple of hours away from the belgian coast, but My esk8 is probably only going to get finished in a week or so, so I don’t have a ridable longboard atm either, I hope you have a lot of fun and I’ll try to join you if you come to belgium again :slight_smile:


sounds good! we´ll definitly come there again (when both of my friends got there esk8s ready).
so have fun building yours!


Thank you!


Sorry buddy, would’ve loved to join. Unfortunately I’ve gotta work :wink:
@all Belgians replying here, we’ve started up a facebook group, if you’re on there, send me a PM so we can add you.


Still waiting for my Parts. Only got a motor :slight_smile:


till late? we´re probaly goin for a ride in the afternoon - evening


so next time then :smiley: