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It will be fine, it most likely won’t even reach that voltage once under load. I would expect it to reach 41.9-42.1v. I know that my adjustable charger I set to 50.5v and my 12s gets balance perfectly to 50.4 once removing the charger


European building seems to be a lot more expensive than in the USA. I’m in the UK and these extra taxes and shipping fees look prohibitively expensive!


I did the math recently and on my first build, after making a few mistakes and ordering most items from overseas I ended up spending over £700 on shipping, import taxes and fees.

There are some pretty decent builds on the forum for £700 haha. We get abused.


thats fucked :sweat_smile: :laughing:

buy a plane ticket and come pick them up by hand :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s normal the BMS should bleed off any extra voltage as heat to balance them down to 4.2. You could check after the first full charge.


@lrdesigns Will do!

Definitely also need a new charger. 5 hours since I plugged it in and only at 39.3V so far.
Just don’t know which one of these two to get. Any suggestions?




For the same price or cheaper you could buy a cc/cv boost converter and watt meter giving you a fully adjustable charger able to charge any voltage batteries up to 80v and all you need is a 12-24v input supply for powering it. @skatardude10 is using the same thing as me and I think he’s using it for a portable charger.

Here’s a pic of it currently powering a bt speaker im making


Yep, works great! Charging my 10S battery at 4 amps easy, and it’s adjustable


Only problem is I don’t have a 12-24v input. I only have a wall socket.

But good idea for road charging or instead of having to buy 2 different chargers for 10a and 12s!


Yeah that was my thoughts, I have a 10 and 12s board and to buy two 4-5a chargers it costs about $120


Still going! Don’t worry, didn’t leave it on all night.
Going to charge it to 42V and then the next charge around 41V for longer lifespan.


Almost there!


That’s what she said


And it’s done. Finally! Only took 9 hours. Glad I bought a new charger.


And no explosions



I fully charged my battery, put some foam on it to make it flat and heatshrinked it. Battery is done (Actually all electronics are done now :partying_face: ).

I drilled and cutted holes in my enclosure. It looks like a smiley :smile:

Mounted everything in the enclosure with velcro and dual lock (vesc and antispark is not in the picture)


  • Make inserts to mount enclosure
  • Mount enclosure
  • Drive

Now the more challenging part. I’m currently trying to put the inserts in the deck. I made 3 holes in the deck but when screwing the bolts in, the pressure on the enclosure is too much and it will crack over longer time.

There is a medium gap between the deck and enclosure. When the enclosure is mounted down, it will fill in the gap. Don’t worry, it’s just pressing down the foam on the battery, not the actual batteries.

Luckily for me two of the holes I drilled might actually be okay to mount the enclosure. The only hole that’s off is the one in the front. I will have to fill that with fiberglass filler and then drill a new hole next to it.

Pro tip I saw in another thread:
Screw your insert nuts in with a little slant towards the inside of the enclosure IF YOUR ENCLOSURE HAVE SOME FLEX. If they slant away from the inside of the enclosure, a lot of pressure will be put on the thin edge of the enclosure and it will break over longer time.

I also have some motor sensor problems. When accelerating really slowly or when putting pressure on the wheels the sensors start acting weird. Does anyone know what could cause the problem?

Thanks for reading all the way to the end and I hope you are having a great weekend!


Another option


love your bike bell mod! XD


Thanks a lot man! Gonna go with that option instead. I’m gonna make a higher edge on the deck for the inserts and leave space in the middle for battery.


Small update

Im gonna go with the option @Grozniy suggested. It seems easier and I think I will get the best end result. Thanks @Grozniy!

I ordered the same epoxy @squishy654 used. The one he used is only available in the US, but luckily Hobbyking has the same, but from a different brand (link). I ordered x4 packs so in total 4 bottles of hardener and 4 bottles of epoxy.

I also ordered 25 meters of the cheapest foam on Aliexpress to make some walls for the epoxy.

Thanks for reading till the end and I hope you are having a great sunday so far!