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While I’m working out how to get some 72T gears on the board, feel to help me out and like my post in the contest!


Ok so I gave 3D printing one more go with a new design that used less filament… it turned out well. I’m happy to share the file if anyone wants it, this will work with MBS Rockstar and Atom hubs, and Trampa Superstar hubs.



Just go easy at first since for my taste there is too little material on the screws


How about connecting all the spikes with a circle? To add a little more strength. Shouldn’t add too much material :face_with_monocle:


I would test it… but I just noticed one of my motors has a weird gap in between the plate and everything else and the C clip seems to be up really far compared to the other motor. Is there a way I can quickly fix this? My pulley doesn’t want to come off for some reason…


@mmaner maybe you know what this is?


This might be obvious but it looks like your can moved away a lot. Also for pulley, heat it with torch or use a 100w soldering iron, tin the pulley and heat it up. Or just bring the motor to the stove and heat it
You could fix the can with something like this:


Look at the set screws at the back of the motor, the ones that hold the can to the axle, loose them and put them can back in position, put thread lock before screwing back

if your pulley is not fitting you can use a fine sand paper on the axle


That’s what I think too. Check if there’s a shaft screw in the bottom.


The set screws are M5 so you shouldn’t strip them

What caused the problem?


I don’t know what caused it, it looked like the C clip was pushed out wayyyy to far. I’ve pushed it back into place, have yet to see if it starts working it’s way out again.


Aaaaaaand after a quick test ride around the block:

-I’m a dumbass. 11:72 on 125mm wheels is too torquey and too slow. It knocked me on my ass first thing and now my Hoyt remote is scratched :confused: well it adds character
-I need to fix that motor. C clip slides out after minimal vibrations


I’ve got a couple of aluminum 15t motor pulleys if you want them.


Sounds great, thank you so much. PM me a price for the pulleys and shipping


Have you used 11T before? My experience with 12T is that it bends the belt too much and they wear really fast

I’m going with 14/53 on the gummies with 190Kv@10S


I’ve been using 11T for a little while now and it works well with tensioners. 15T should be much better though, and I’ll modify the print file to be closer to 50T I think


It’s all good, happy to help. I’ll send em out Monday.


And there you go again being the most generous soul.

Thank you!!


It’s no big brother :grinning:


Received the 15T pulleys, gonna try to make time to put them on today. Thanks again @mmaner!!


no worries brudda, good luck.