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Anybody ever heard of NAPSR - National Association of Powered Skateboard Racing 🏁


This dude James Hawkins says he’s president …

I kinda don’t trust him…he doesn’t take off his helmet…and he backs Home Depot … Lol

But maybe it’s time something like this needs to happen…some sort of official “Club” racing and build contest… Something like that …


Maybe someone can connect these topics.


My name is Jimmy Hawkins and I am the founder of the NAPSR Racing. ten years ago my partner and I had a will to give back to our community . Something that was needed and something we knew was positive as both my partner and I knew first hand the value of organized sports. I had just met slome skateboarders and so I researched the industry. We realized instantly why this sport with such great potential could not support but a handful of athletes gainfully . So Billy Brown and I decided to create the NAPSR the organization whose shoulders would give not only voice to the athletes but jobs that they could support a family on. the rest will be history and what we wanted will be achieved our legacy . Our gift to to a very deserving group of athletes who through perseverance and commitment have taken the sport to incredible heights but this new discipline in their sport will be capable of delivering more than any other discipline yet in the sport of Skateboarding. For 9 years I have dedicated my life to unknown faces and am committed to achieve their goals with my hands and connections. help me to them? 10818-960-2033 Billy 1-850-997-7458