Another integrated deck project


Wow Lukas, :tada: congrats’ to your hard work, it’s amazingly well done!
I like that

And with Cronin truck hubed :v: fantastic :wink:


Btw you are probably going to adress this already in a next post but what size wheels can fit under this deck?


You can go crazy with risers but best result is 90mm and below. Looks and rides really nice with Kegels.


@LukePL what’s the weight of the deck?


I’ll check that tomorrow but it’s light :slight_smile:


Impatiently waiting for the price…


Experimenting with colors :wink:

Deck weight is 1350g.
As for the price it should be around 150 euro. I’m thinking to launch group buy next week but timing is bad because of Christmas and New Year. Things simply going to take longer during this period.
Depending on number of orders first buyers will have extra special price. Also there was a number of people that waited for this deck but it took to much time. If someone is still interested from this first group I can do a special price for sure :slight_smile:


me me me :smiley: I hereby order one :blush: . Because of this thread I build my Carbon Fiber integrated enclosure deck and I need a deck for my spare motors :slight_smile:


same here 10 char


I would like one if you could add coloured carbon fibre to the bottom layer :yum:
Edit: with a 2" kick tail


Daam that’s a great price. Shipping might kill the deal for me though.


I would like one as well


I have send ESCape enclosures to many different countries using Polish Post and maybe it wasn’t super fast but descent price and not even single problem. I have to see how to pack it and when I have final weight and size I be able to give shipping cost estimation. To US it was about two weeks.


So hyped, how is it going with the kicktail version? And what are the measurments of the deck (Im quite a long guy so that is handy to know haha), is it possible to have a belt drive setup with the motors under the deck? Now all the possible noobquestions out of the way: you can also count me in!

Btw mad props for the underlayer of wood on the deck because it looks like it is all out of one piece of wood, so beautiful


I am in as well :slight_smile:


I am in too.


Think I’ll want one too.


Add me in too


Want! Count me in.


@LukePL COUNT ME THE FUCK IN! Sorry, I’m just so excited that someone made the PERFECT deck for my needs! I would love a red/black carbon fiber veneer on the bottom. I could pay extra for that. Is that possible?