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Ankle-Breaker Mtn Board Time Lapse and some cruising



Awesome build!
What deck is that? Did you make it from scratch? I saw that you said it was a mod?
Also, did you make those motor covers? Or if you bought them, do you know where so I could grab some?

Cheers man.


That’s seriously tempting fate :wink:


Owen, here is a link to this deck

It is 40’’ by 10’’ and not designed for mtn board. Because I had to make my own oversized big wedges (which created a bigger lever, which in turn applied extra torque on the deck during turns) for the mtn trucks, I fiberglassed top and bottom of the deck to make it more sturdy.

Motor covers came with the motors and trucks in a kit. I have removed them because dirt and small rocks would just get trapped between the motor and motor cover. Here us the link to the truck kit. I recommend using different motors though ( the ones that are on the kit are 200 kv. 170kv is more appropriate in my case)


Hi Art,

Thanks for providing all the links and answering my questions!

I really liked the shape of the deck so that’s why I asked, my build isn’t going to be a MTB so that shouldn’t be a problem with the riser pads and torque on the board.

I only ask about the motor covers because I don’t want pebbles to get into my motors during day to day use as i’m using 260KV SK8 motors dual drive and they have big holes in for air circulation.

But I love your build and can’t wait to see more,.


I don’t know much about spot welding but that looks like a really nice way to do it, the automatic motion of the welding prong thingies sure is cool :slight_smile:


Imma butt into this :slight_smile:

Spot welding 18650 cells is so fast and not hot compared to soldering (so you don’t damage the cells) but the machines are so expensiiiiive…


I haven’t built a single pack, but I’ve found someone whos quality I’m very happy with considering my last two packs before that werent quite to my standards

I know it’s the spirit of diy to tell others to forge on and try it themselves but I have no interest learning it or having the chance to blow myself up (hyperbole, calm down…)

I know the cost benefit too, but I enjoy supporting others


Thanks Owen. Much appreciate your feedback!


First pack I build I tried soldering. Do not SOLDER. I destroyed about 30 18650s.


At least you learned from it and and progressed using a different method, good on you


I got mine for $80ish on amazon. It’s sunko. Used it a bunch. Works well.


Wow really? I’ll look into it. Thankyou!


This is not the same one as mine, but the most frugal option I could find. Ebay n Alli may have a better deal.