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Almost the nicest hub motors for sale cheaper than anywhere!



Now I have no other motors and sell carveon but cheaper than carveon. They came into my hands. Buy them and they go out on Monday. Don’t know what they went for long ago, probably a fortune, but they’re 500$ now including shipping in the us. That’s 4 new motors. Buy them all and sell a set or go for the speed record. They’re 190kv


@Hummie are those spikes protruding from the centers, gladiator style?


They do draw attention. the heavy metal version.

What do u think of the price?


@evoheyax might be interested


I would be if they were v2s but they are way too high of a kv for me. These have to be used is a 4wd, and you will be going for the speed record for sure. I can’t imagine the amp draw at low speeds too…

I trying to do 4wd with v2s, and those already pull too many amps