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All Wheel Drive Set-up Question


Hey guys, so you may have seen my build going on…at a snails pace

A few changes as far as direction have been made. Considering what I will be using this set-up for, have decided to go the all wheel drive route, what with bigger wheels and the fact that I will be towing a trailer often think that dual hubmotors will not be enough. Have ordered 4 of jacob bloys 63mm hub motors with 107mm thane that we made a mould for a while back, which should be in sometime January.

So the question is this, will running longer wires to the motor effect performance, and if so how can I negate this? From where the vesc’s will be mounted and to the furthest truck there will be about 2ft/60cm of wire that will have to be run to power the motors, and just under 1f/30cm to get to the other motors. Which brings up the other question, will I have to keep the wires to these motors all the same length to keep everything running smooth and balanced?

Thanks all for any help you can share

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From what I’ve heard the motor wire length doesn’t make that big of a difference. Battery to esc wire length however makes a large impact.


This would be good news if what you heard is true, wonder though if you would effect performance/efficiency if; in a hypothetical world, one motor had a wire 10 ft long, and another 1 ft long.


FWIW Here is some reading material for background information.
There’s also plenty of links to resources towards the bottom of the page.


Cheers, that answers all my questions and then some!


Ya, I once had my esc located at the front of my board with the wires going about 2ft back to the motor: no noticeable performance difference from having 6inches of wire.

But like @locktight said, I would be more concerned about battery wire length