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Aimless stroll after work. Curiosity killed the security guard


The more I ride it, the more I love this thing.


What deck are you using?
I’m searching for a mis-sized cruiser and that look pretty sweet

Nice chill music too!


Thanks a lot man! The deck is a 38" comet ethos. I love this thing, normal skating wise she absolutely shredsss. I had to try it out for a motor setup, next I wanna try the 36 or 40".

This is one of my favorite clips.


nice i got a comet grease shark


niceee! the grease shark is tight…Comet has a good taste in shape and design


I like it but im very sad that it got chipped in the first week i got it


Omg that little room looked soo awesome! :smiley: Lots of interesting stuff and tools.


Owww. Same here man, for some reason I really dig the nice fat edges on these decks lol.


HAHAH thanks! That’s actually my room too, I live at our shop so I spend more time tinkering than sleeping lol. ( When I’m not lazy lol )


nice video, felt super relaxed after watching it :smiley: also love your workshop


Thanks a lot dude!! Glad u dig the video. That motivates me to make more. :raised_hands: