80v echainsaw battery - Sanyo cells

So I was curious what was in my 80v 2ah chainsaw battery, popped it open to find 20x sanyo UR18650RX.

These cells are 2000mah - 20a continuous discharge. So should be decent for an eboard, and the price is also good if I can find a way to utilise the BMS and charger when i change it to 10s2p.

The chainsaw is from a hardware store called Masters (in Australia) who is going out of business and this Kobalt brand of 80v products is being heavily discounted. I picked up the chainsaw with 80v battery and charger for $235 ($175US) and you can get the batteries seperate for $95 ($71usd). Works out to $3.55US a cell.

My other thought is to cannibalize the whole thing and make an 80v board with about 5km range.


That’s putting skin into the game … Good luck :+1:t2:

I want to see this 80v board, and please tell me you can use a section of the cutting chain as a drive chain.

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Yeah I’m just about to take the chainsaw apart to see what motor I have to deal with. I did have the idea to use the chain but I don’t think the blades are a good idea so close to my feet.

but you’re going to need them to process the squirrel meat so that the motors can properly digest it.

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@Heavy1 Bring it in tomorrow night if you can make it?

This might be of some interest to you…

Its chunky to say the least. Measuring just the can its about 50mm, the rubber before the gearbox is a cooling fan, the housing around the phase wires is plastic and adds another 20mm. Im estimating the can around 70mm diameter.

You so crazy! I love it. Can’t wait to see the Chainskate in action. :imp:

Holy shit…