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4wd evo build 12s6p


Nice man, carefull with those speed controllers :wink:


Not sure what the issue is but it took like 6 hours just to get to 50% with my 1.5A charger. Could this be the bms settings? I noticed that its trying to balance after 3.4V so it may be slowed because its trying to balance too early? This is my first time having a bms that can be adjusted in so many ways.


Figured it out. It was a problem with the app. I used the one that was made for it for Android and it showed the accurate values. It’s weord because I tried the iOS app right before and it was way off valtage. Then when I tried it again after using the android app, it all the sudden started showing the correct values.

Edit: neither of the apps are accurate when the pack is charging


Switch wired up. Now just have to mount the enclosure and put in the vescs


It’s got a gut but I’m sure it’ll fly. Just needs to be grip taped and then it’s 4wd time

If a mod sees this post please change the thread title to something more appropriate like 4wd evo build.


First impressions:

Has the torque and brakes that I missed with the 2wd v4.

Fast as hell. Couldn’t pull the throttle down much at all. Daytime on a Saturday here in San Francisco with too much foot and street traffic so come nightfall I plan on doing some faster runs.

Double stacked batteries on these drop down evo decks require enclosures that you don’t mind scratching up. Even the slightest bump can do some damage. I’ll be buying some six shooters soon for cross city trips. The 107mm will have to be reserved for mostly speed trials on flat roads.


Would love to try this freaking badass killer formula board ! Plus it is an absolute beauty/beast man !!!
Enjoy, show us more pic and vid pleeaaase :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah more updates on this.
I wanna see it go.


Thank you for your comments. I had taken the enclosure off to smooth some of the paint out and add a clear coat and accidentally blew the antispark switch carelessly reassembling it. It’s a fast beast that’s for sure. I’ll make a nice update in a few days when I get it back up and running. I have some six shooters so to test out as well.


Looks good bro! Why don’t you add some risers on there to give it some more space with 107s? Overall it’s FOCing sweet, 4wd might be be sexiest builds on the forum


amazing board man. what motor/batt settings you running? im using 40/30. feels like plenty of power so i havent changed anything yet… :smiley: although i went conservative as im stuck on 12s4p atm…:unamused:


Got so busy with work that I’m just now getting this repainted/gripped and ready to go. Unless I’m too hungover, I plan to make the group ride tomorrow to finally make a long trip with it.