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2018 ... innovations and trends


The problem is just that they really often burn out in last time.
I have two laying at home and wanted to use them in my next build.
After all I have seen I will probably stick with an easy old school loop key.
Don’t need another burned down board.


I still have one of those rare @goldenHusky switches… they never fail. I have on on my daily commute and it always works :slight_smile:


There are people who lucky and people who blow them up after 2min even from the same producer.
Good to hear you one of the lucky guys :ok_hand::+1:


I have a Kaly anti spark switch and it’s been good to me so far. I’m going to try the Fatboy mini anti spark in my next build.



I’d say it is. Moe’s wheels were sent out to members on this forum. If not a trend now, then 2019.

Gear drives galore from diy to nowind to Kug3lis to Trampa to Kaly to nuttyjeff to Idea.

I agree with you. :ok_hand:


There’s only one way to end this debate @neiru37 @b264

  • Kick push to start
  • Roll to start
  • Push to start
  • Zoom zoom to go more zoom zoom

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results are looking good boys, great minds think alike.

Or maybe we’re a hive mind. :honeybee: bzz bzz


Oh no oops.



Just a FYI

the Unity has both, PTS & RTS, i like it, rolls off the tongue

Push To Start A || Roll To Start


Another option just to mess things up : standing start?


2019 for ATB will mean 9” wheels, 4wd, basically @Duffman circa 2017 for the masses

Otherwise yeah gear drives, hub motors, commercial planetary gear drives, electrowizardry and esk8 law enforcement or repeal


was all fine, then I lost you there


Yeah #metoo

Denmark are going to make esk8 legal or at least running a trial in cycle lanes, wonder what other countries will jump onboard in 2019


Theres been some talk of some metro areas over here in the colonies trialling electric scooters like the lime things. If that happens then the laws will quickly follow.








This has been a very entertaining thread…so far…:rofl: