16T 15mm wide 5m HTD motor pulley


Anyone have a 16T 15mm wide 5m HTD motor pulley with a 8mm bore they would be willing to sell me? Or a recommended place to get one?

I was planning on using the one from the brushed motor from my donor zboard but the bore is bigger than 8mm, possibly 10 or 12mm so it wont work :disappointed:


I found a 17T but no 16T;a27:2:15.00;a32:2:8.00


Thanks. ill give that a try :slight_smile:


if you’re good with a drill you could buy a 16T 6mm bore pulley and drill it up to 8mm


i might still try that will the pulley i have, as the drive shaft is stuck in there super tight so i could bore that out.


I tried doing that on a cheap drill press and ended up with a super wobbly ass bore. Things I need

Vacuum forming machine
Spot welder
The world
The universe



Don’t know if you did this, but for a more precision hole you should drill under size then use a reamer to finish the hole.
If you already have a hole close to 8mm, then just use reamers. A good set of reamers won’t be cheap though.


Here you go