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10s6p vs 12s5p can't decide




So battery max = 50A
Motor max = 70A

And that will be Okay


should work!
just have a look that your bat min value is not over the top.
i would start with -10A per focbox


Thanks for the help Andy!

Now I know what to do! Appreciate it.


Okay just had a small talk.

I heard that -4A per p is the max so for safety reasons i use -3A per p
Mening a battery min of -15A

I have to focboxes so that means -15/2 = -7.5A per focbox?

And you told me to set the battery max on 50A
Does that also mean in the focbox settings i do
75/2 = 37.5A per focbox or 75A per focbox since a 12s would have 75A discharche


yes but this value is for a full charge cycle 2.5V-4.2V.
you think you can break that long? I guess you need a very very long hill for this.
10A is a good value (that´s my opinion) probably you will anyhow never reach that value…

how you come to it?
i guess i know from where.
idk who you was talking with but this person told you that the 30q rated to 15a.
so 5+15a is 75a.
but the 30q are 20a cells, not 15a cells.
nothing bad with 37.5A, always better less than too much, but you can set the values to 50A (again my opinion).
If you not sure, read a bit in here, use the search function and than set it to what ever you think is right.

one more thing, with a 10s4p 30q you would have your 75A too same with 8s4p or even with 1s4p.
if somebody told you the discharge capabilty depents on the S count than you better doing your own research.


Thanks Andy I got this from him:


i´m not fan of posting facebook links… but i couldn´t find the website and i don´t want to search any longer.
here is a real life test with the 30q,

so in fact you can use them as 20a cell.
read a bit here about cells and there rating and you will understand why i chose the values i chose.


… And you will find that 15A rating in nearly every store that sells these cells, because that’s the OFFICIAL amp rating that Samsung has decided to put on the specs sheet for this cell. Real life testing sais what Andy has said already, ie that these cells can safely deliver up to 20A as long as temp is kept at normal levels.


12s3p or better 4p with graphene lipos :ok_hand:


Aren’t you the one who like to post his 500a battery? :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::thinking:


Must be a different person :sweat_smile:


No seriously I thought you have a big lipo battery pack.Something like 4p graphens.


Not yet, I will have a 12s3p pack and for long distance rides an external pack for charging while riding.


@Allofyoush we could have this same discussion about using 12S or 14S on VESC 7 but this is about 10S or 12S on VESC 4-6 and clones


@b264 Holy shit! I’ve never seen this before. Thanks man


I’m going for a 12s6p :smiley:


Boom!! Do not mess about there my man!! Just don’t push the battery amp settings with this set up or whatever 4.12 vesc variant will not like it. Focboxes will handle it on paper but I personally try to keep everything under by at least 10. Wiggle room.