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10s3p Samsung 30Q INR 18650 3000mAh 3.6V (9.0Ah)


Batteries arrive on Tuesday. (also the day after my fence pickets arrive, so i may be busy building a fence for the wifey) Yet my heart wants to finish my board :slight_smile:

I asked some very specific questions, as I take care of all of my things, and Matrix gave me this response:

Battery Maintenance:

After charging the battery, it is recommended to remove the charger immediately,
Although our charger and BMS have circuit protection design.
Prevention is necessary.

Avoid high temperature, low temperature and moist environmental storage.

Charger should choose good quality and suitable voltage/current li-ion battery charger,
Original charger is best choice.

If the battery is not used for a long time. It is recommended to charge once every 3 months.

If you want longer cycle life, it is recommended that batteries should not be full, charge 70-80% best.

Charging time is 3hours for this pack.


Any updates? I’m assuming the batteries arrived yesterday if they were on sale


Well, they are stuck in customs for another few days im told :frowning:


Btw I think I spotted single layer nickel strips. That’s a big no no for a 60a cont battery, I’d say those strips can take 12a max each


any news yet?


Tomorrow !!! it was stuck in customs.


Hells yeah! Finally they look pretty good too


damn that does look pretty good.

test the hell out of it and let us know :slight_smile:


Once I get my board built up (hopefully in next day or 2) I’ll take it out for some testing and post feedback. Pending my Benchwheel remote arriving today


please insulate that box…

its giving me anxiety :sweat_smile:


Oh it will be. I have lots of weatherstrip and high density foam and non conductive padding.


Just so we all know, @fottaz has disputed that these are his batteries. He says his are locally made and they just used his images


This was before the statement from @fottaz
But thx for pointing it out again!


Nope, definitely a unique picture.
That ziploc bag on top was something special I requested and unique to my delivery.
And here it is in my hand now


Let us know how testing goes!


U bet, here’s a realtime update of where i’m at.


Its built and im riding it this evening, fun as sh$&$!!!

I have a haircut tomorrow afternoon ill get some metrics from the 8.8 mile round trip and post them about 4pm MST.

Here she be:


30minute ride 4.4mi in the city up and down sidewalks only took 7% of the battery

Made the round trip but stripped my belt on last hill. I have nee pulleys and mount coming anyway

But total was 9.5 miles and still have 65% batter left! Sweet!!


This looks very promising!
I might pick up a 10s5p for myself if everything goes well with more testing!

Did you ever saw how much the final cost was?
price + shipping + duties?


I want to know how many layers of nickel are on the series connections. That’s what defines how good the pack is.

They can use cells capable of 100a but if they use single layer nickel it ain’t gonna last long that’s for sure