10s3p flex battery


Hey fellow builders… Ive recently constructed a 10s 3p battery made up of samsung 30q batteries. Now my question would be, which bms would you guys recommend? The more the answers the better! Let’s hear what you’ve got!!


Ps. Here is a scribble of a diagram of what ive got. Let me know what you think. Its just a basic flex battery.

Side note: I want to build a new deck. Carbon fiber or tradition concave bamboo board?


Here’s one

Carbon fiber doesn’t soak up vibrations as well.
Not that a 10s3p is gonna have crazy range but the wood will be kinder to your feet.


If I made it a 4p, would it increase the range?


Yes. Getting 4p or above also improves sag.
More p = more range/weight/ charge time
Nothing wrong with a 10s3p. Not every board needs to go on long distance trips.
A light board is a good thing too.




Are you going to discharge through the BMS or use it for charge-only? This must be known before any BMS can be recommended


I will be using it for charge only. Sorry about that!


I recommend getting one of these bluetooth BMS’s. Being able to check that your BMS is doing its job(easily) will give you a lot of peace of mind.

You can also adjust just about everything you could think of. And if you don’t want to adjust anything, it comes pre-programmed with default settings that will work for almost everyone.


This is a very good and very small BMS. It’s a BesTech BMS


Thanks @Fiori that is an awesome bms I just checked it out. Thanks


That looks like a good one. Thank you


Lol somehow I had to agree with both of you. I’m confused…