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YoungBoard — The world’s first real solar electric skateboard


I think one meber here built something similar.


Sorry, should be member, not meber.


25W panel? It will take hours to charge a decent pack.

Also, it only has a 100Wh battery


Talk to @cmatson about his solar build:

Solar Powered eboard concept- charging the battery while you ride (DONE BUILDING!)


Lol. Great production value.


Total scam, made in iMovie and cant even spell correctly in the video… Come on, if ur gonna try to take someone’s money at least make it believable


“Lang Travel” ? am i the only one here who saw that ? :grin:


Another scam on kickstarter claiming to revolutionize a product by using solar panels. At least it isn’t solar roadways…

“This makes the solar panel reach 25 W power, and the capacity of battery is 100 Wh. Theoretically, 4 hours solar charging is equivalent to the time of conventional charging.”

Some serious science went into this glad they did the math.


Hey. solar roadways are cool.