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Xmatic - VESC iOS Bluetooth App



few issues with the info tabs



Had anyone had an issue where Xmatic reports a DRV FAULT but when I plug the vesc into the computer it reports no faults ?


Just downloaded the app and had my first ride on my first build. I was hoping to be able to play the journey recording back and see the various readings speed, currents, voltage etc at the different points on the GPS log.


Is this not possible with this app.
If not is there an app that does.
I’ve download Vesc Logger and Vesc status but they don’t appear to want to connect to my cheap clone HM-10 module.


How do you use the modes on this app. I’ve created a couple but theres no option to transfer/download these settings to vesc. Also the Yellow ON BOARD doesn’t do any thing when you select it and the 4 lots of figures are just yellow dots.


If I’m running dual Focboxes via canbus / single ppm , do I need to select double data or is that for only split ppm ?


Does anyone else have issues connecting their metr modules to the xmatic app? @twan Help
Edit: with my hm-10 module, the data shows up and updates but the by icon still reads “connecting to Vesc”. Not sure if it is a glitch or if it is accurate.


I have exactly the same problem. I thought I was alone !


Clone modules should work fine with the app.

@anorak234 the phone all work the same, shouldnt be the cause.

@LewisPring thanks for pointing that out, I ddint test the app on the smaller iphones. will fix that for smaller screens.

@PickSix24 once vesc resets the errors get wiped too I believe

@ricoghardforth swipe left

@Trdolan03 @DavidC so it works but just says connecting to vesc?


Yes it only says « connecting to VESC » but nothing else happens


What fw version are you running? And are you sure your baud rates are correct and UART is enabled? If it says Connecting to VESC it means it successfully connect to the Bluetooth module however its having trouble talking to the vesc >>> this means the baud rates are wrong or UART data is not being sent from the vesc.


I can confirm that both of those stats are correct. The Vesc has no issue connecting to my metr module through the metr app. However your app won’t connect with a Bluetooth module or metr.


It does not worth with both hm10 or metr modules?


No. I can’t get it to work with metr on any of my boards. And I only have one hm-10 and it doesn’t work with that either.


But all of my metr modules work with the metr app


Hmmmm honestly have no idea why it works with some peoples metr and some dont. Ill try something in the next update to see if that will fix the problem.


The same here, I can connect with no problem to “metr” and “eSkate VESC” applications but not to “Xmatic”.


Hi @twan

When I try to swipe right to change mode it becomes white and opens the mode configure tab again. I’m using hw 4.12 fw 3.40 with clone hm-10 on iPhone 6s with IOS 10.3.2.

When swiping left it shows “delete”


Same issues, had this for months now. Still not resolved. And if you connect using metr app, and leave it out. It connects to the other app. Which is weird.