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Xapham - Red Ember Boards Xapham deck | Surfrodz RKPs | Dual Psychotiller PowerPlant Motors | PT Mounts | 10S4P DIY'd battery | Ollin VESCs | PT sixshooters


I spend most of my eks8 shop time in my workshop making decks… so much that lately I had been neglecting my own personal build! I’ve been riding whatever hacked together board I had at the time, including the recently decommissioned original village build

The amazing ESK8 Renegade weekend was what I needed to motivate me to get all my parts together to finally finish this build I had been planning for a while now!

The Recipe:

  • red Ember boards Xapham deck - this shape is one I always wanted to try and I’m stoked to finally have it out there!
  • @psychotiller sixshooters, mounts, pulleys, belts, and motors
  • @OllinBoardCompany 4.12 VESCs - these are still rocking and I’ve had them for years!
  • Surfrodz RKPs at 45D 80mm axles (10mm OD)
  • @Alphamail (riptidesports) double barrel bushings and pivot cups
  • 10S4P battery I made in the shop - Samsung 25Rs and a Suupower 60A BMS
  • @MasterCho carbon fiber enclosure and GT2B remote mod
  • Front and rear shredlights from that group buy @Michaelinvegas ran a while back
  • Skull valve caps because the darkness will consume you

Other details
Gearing is 16Tx60T on 6 inch wheels for a theoretical top speed of 36MPH. ERPM capped to limit speed to around 27MPH.

FOC w sensored motors = smooth baby smooth!

Red fender caps because @Sender made me do it :slight_smile:

Proudest moment (besides the deck) was cutting a perfect window for the battery indicator by hand w a dremel tool… I had to summon @longhairedboy’s god-like dremel powers for a moment by casting a steezcantation. It’s a thing!

:1st_place_medal: Best Build of 2018! (Poll)
:trophy: Best Build of 2018! Nominations

Awesome build! I love this deck so much! Can’t wait to get mine!


I really like Bat Board



Very very nice build


what are those cable sleeves called? they look much better than the usual exposed individual wires most people try and hide!




(we’re also building a very, very special Xaph for @ethel :metal:)


This deck is ill

No doubt


Daaaaammmmm. That’s is sexy.


Sick. So, so sick.


The CNC parts are nice touch!


If BC Rich stopped making guitars and ventured into the skateboard world, that’s exactly what their decks would look like! Sick!


LOL, thats the 1st thing I though. Looks a lot like a BC Rich Bitch :metal: :metal: :metal:


I don’t think I need to tell you that but that looks soooo nice :smile:


Sweet build!


Thats exactly what I was thinking!

The deck I designed is similar, but the tip/tail is modeled after a Gibson Headstock!

@treenutter, once again, your work is amazing!