X6 | Restless Mantis 33 | Evolve trucks | ABEC 107mm | Gear Drive | Dual 5065 140kv | 10S4p 30Q | SK8-ESC V 4.12 m8


Do you have a price for them yet really looking forward to get them


I am glad that you are interested in buying, but I will announce the price in three weeks.


Yeah, really awesome build and the sound is amazing as well.
I like it:grinning:



At full speed, the sound resembles a jet engine :smiley:


yeah thats what i had in mind as i saw your first video hahahaha


Are you still going to sell these @Idea?


Yes, I do several sets, but I have a delay … I do too many things at the same time …


Awesome. Waiting on these bad boys too!


what was your range with the 4p?


My battery pack has 4P and I traveled a distance 71 km but… the range depends on many factors

  • Power supply voltage (how many S)
  • Battery capacity
  • Characteristics of discharging batteries
  • Motors type
  • ESC Regulator Type
  • Configuration of the ESC regulator
  • Type of wheels
  • The weight of the board and the rider
  • Driving style
  • Landform (flat, uphill, downhill)
  • Wind etc., etc.

X6 has a 10S4P Samsung 30Q battery pack The theoretical capacity is 12Ah / 10S

It is now building an X7 board with the 10S6P package built of Samsung 35e batteries. The theoretical capacity is 21Ah/10S

Theoretically, I should have a range of 124km but the batteries have other characteristic, so the range can be much shorter …

I hope that the range will be no less than 100 km :grinning:


Will it works with 6374 motors? Or just the 5065.


The current version only with 5065 motors



2 month update! Status on your gear set?


@Jaydawg56 Unfortunately, I have another delay … :confused:

I have too much work and not enough time for new projects :angry:
but from June 1, I will change it :slight_smile:


I finished building a X7

X7 has a VESC with FOC and not a BLDC configuration, so the motors works much more quietly :slight_smile:



Nothing but teaser shots… I’m sick of it :wink:.

Just keep us in the loop for June and remember us little people!


70 km with a 10s4p 30q pack (432 wh)? how is this possible? only average of 6.17 wh/km is super low right?


I’ve gotten as low as 5wh/km with dual hubs on flat ground, so its possible?


432 wh is the theoretical capacity, In fact, the capacity is 370Wh (measured with METR), so the average consumption of energy is 5.2Wh/km