Buy FOCBOX Unity

X6 | Restless Mantis 33 | Evolve trucks | ABEC 107mm | Gear Drive | Dual 5065 140kv | 10S4p 30Q | SK8-ESC V 4.12 m8


Do you have a price for them yet really looking forward to get them


I am glad that you are interested in buying, but I will announce the price in three weeks.


Yeah, really awesome build and the sound is amazing as well.
I like it:grinning:



At full speed, the sound resembles a jet engine :smiley:


yeah thats what i had in mind as i saw your first video hahahaha


Are you still going to sell these @Idea?


Yes, I do several sets, but I have a delay … I do too many things at the same time …


Awesome. Waiting on these bad boys too!