X6 | Restless Mantis 33 | Evolve trucks | ABEC 107mm | Gear Drive | Dual 5065 140kv | 10S4p 30Q | SK8-ESC V 4.12 m8

This looks really clean. I really like your gear drives.

Will you be selling gear drives for the Evolve trucks?!


@ nuttyjeff
I’m sorry, I have not seen your drive before… bearing works correctly :slight_smile:

Thanks @Riako

That’s true… but 107mm is better than 100mm :slight_smile:
If BOA produces bigger wheels then ABEC will have competition

Thanks @Fiori
Yes, probably I will be selling this drive from January 2019


How much for the gear drive ?

I do not know yet… :slight_smile:

Wow wow wow, that’s a sweeeet setup. The board looks great .
So did you find the ‘sweet spot’ for the right size gearing for torque for each type of terrain . Do you think in the future there may be tech to create a system for more than one gear, say maybe three gears ? Select or change gear from the remote ? That would be awesome someone would have to be creative and think outside the box but also have the skill to bring it to reality.
What about having one motor on opposite corners on each truck at both ends to free up space for extra gears ?

Is this drive for sale? Would love to install on my Carbon GT


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Yes, but from next year

@Idea glad to see your project finished, the build looks great and the efficiency is very sweet!

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Thanks @Simon-R
The gearbox for electric motors is in my opinion senseless…
Maybe it would make sense if you wanted to change the wheels for bigger pneumatic ones, but such a drive would be complicated and heavier

I like simple constructions, so it’s not for me …

Multiple gears was just a thought, and I’m probably overthinking as where I live there are lots of hills. I like what you say, yes, "keep it simple " :+1:, not worth the effort.
What’s your thoughts on placing motors at each end of the board on two wheel drive and do you think four wheel drive has any benefit for off road boards ?
Gear drive looks to be the future in power delivery, to me it’s better than belt or hub drive systems in whatever form they are in. Hub drive is still good for simplicity and price for the average novice, but if money was no object I think I would go geardrive.
I know I’m overthinking again, lol, but do you think the gears will break or wear out in a geardive system over time ? On a belt drive it’s just the belts mainly.

I also live in a mountainous area, but the power of these small motors in combination with the gear drive is enough for me

Below are data from METR - trip to the top of the mountain :slight_smile:

The gear drive is very durable, but I can not assess its viability. In total, I traveled about 600 km and I do not see gear teeth wear


A different reason for maybe three gears is that the one attached to the wheel could be much smaller, this would enable better gear drive clearance on smaller wheels. I am thinking of a permanent three gear setup, not the ability to change gears.

@billappleton, @Simon-R
In this case, it makes sense, but for me 3 gears is too much :smiley:

@moon designs a drive equipped with 3 gears

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Will the all terrain drive gear be available in January?

That is my plan :slight_smile:

Tests are still running despite low temperatures


Nice, dou you have any video running FOC?

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This tests sounds super good :relaxed: !! The freewheel looks lovely.
Great job, have fun testing it :v:

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I did not configure the FOC mode.

I did not connect hall sensors to VESC, and VESC is set to BLDC mode without sensor support


@Idea you’re not selling the gear drive are you? or have the cad so I can see if my mate can make them for me?

I’m toying with the idea of building an outrig board and your gearing method looks and sounds amazing!!

I have a couple of big hills between work and home so something like this would be ideal :slight_smile:


I am starting to sell but from the new year,