Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD BLACK FRIDAY Mic Drop


How’s your arm now btw?


Just hand really…still too tender to do much. So I’m at abec making more sixshooters ha!


So you did buy some of abec machines and your set for life.


Uh…no. I just run them when I need to. Working on your battery tomorrow


If you hand is still tender I can still wait. Lol


That’s what he said.


Oh gosh. :joy:


Would you skin my enclosure in CF? Where re you located?


Hell yeah I will! Send me a PM. I am in Alabama.


You won’t regret it man. His work is top notch.


Plus his skins add an extra 10mph to your build.


BTW I had already tried to wrap my enclosure with a carbon fiber Vinyl wrap but since it’s plastic there was some excess where the contours are and there are ugly folds there.

Oh well, tried it DIY and as you can see it was a disaster. Time to send it to the @Sender


Gonna be looking bad ass soon!