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WTS: PCB based Firefly Remotes


Firefly Nano Remote by DroidSector…
Feather Remote StefanMe (Me :grimacing:)…
Trigger style Remote by ervinelin…
There are plenty other builds of remotes at the moment. Why u don’t choose another more improved version?


I’ve been following this build and it seems that this will be a high quality improved version (which is why it’s taking longer to finish). I haven’t tried all the remotes so can really say which one is better but props to @Zyb for taking his time and focusing on making a quality product.


Speaking of updates, ditched every single external board like booster charger module even arduino. Only external pcb is the nrf24. Going well uploaded a sketch and it is working good so far. Made a charging led to see the status which turns off when it is fully charged. Going to test it further with the nrfs tonight and btw installed adafruit feather bootloader tho I influenced highly from sparkfun board I might try their bootloader too.


receiver is done aswell time for testing :slight_smile:


Damn i love that vid haha. Great work.


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: taking no shortcuts. More updates are on the way


Any updates??? :grin:


Damn I don’t get notifications to my mail I didn’t see your message :confused: anyway there are good news. I finally succeeded with casting and I would say they turned out better than I expected. There was so many problems along the way sadly it’s not easy like 3D printing, one mistake costs you bunch of materials and a lot of time compared to 3D printing only filament. But it’s all good now phew :sweat_smile:
There was couple of challenging points I wanted to add to the design which is metal inserts. In my previous experience I tried to press fit them with heat like they are intended to use. At first they work but if you apply abit more force they come out of their socket somewhat easily. That was a big let down here is the example, it looks good but very very weak

So my goal was with casting to embed these inside instead of putting them with heat after the remote is done. I finally figured out a way to do it and buried them in the remote so they are not even visible from the outside but they are in there. It became so strong that casing will break into pieces before these fail on you there’s no way to force them out. I cut up a piece from failed cast to demonstrate it, here it is

There were couple types of polyurethanes that didn’t work and gave me a hard time and without degassing the mixture with a vacuum chamber it’s not a decent product. So all of the parts going on thru the vacuum chamber prior to casting.
My main reason to contact you is to give you choices and show you what I have. Let me know what you choose and I will start on the electronics in couple of days if all goes well you will have it soon.
Ok to the matter,
So I also bought couple of powders and dyes which I’m mixing them during casting. Whiteish one is a raw casting without any additives
Then I have these with plain black pigment

With graphite powder, it has a very faint sparkle to it kinda cool

With lower mixed ratio of graphite powder

And I made this one with aluminium powders and gave it a worn out look. It has around %50 of real aluminium powder mixed into it. It is abit more heavier and harder

And then there this one like brushed aluminium effect again it has the same ratio of aluminium powders mixed into it that where this shine comes from. Tho there’s still no protection layer on this one. I might add gloss or matte coat and that’s going to effect the look as well all previous ones already have protection clear layer on them.

That’s all about it and of course I can still make your original choice of colors I have those cans of paints. It’s a matter of spraying it on that whiteish version. So you have many choices let me know which one you want and I ll keep on working on it. Oh and by the way even the buttons and wheels are casted not a single piece is 3 printed :joy: here’s bunch of them


Oh and probably I should open a new thread this last version has nothing to do with pervious one.


Please do!
I am highly interested in your remote!


Aluminium please! (worn or brushed, whatever looks best in real life)


This is the screen I’m going with. I really liked multi Color screen when I had the remote of the evolve bamboo gt. So want to have a space on it with different Color to grab your attention for certain information. This is not the final layout but I guess it’s going to be similar.