WTS: PCB based Firefly Remotes


Firefly Nano Remote by DroidSector…
Feather Remote StefanMe (Me :grimacing:)…
Trigger style Remote by ervinelin…
There are plenty other builds of remotes at the moment. Why u don’t choose another more improved version?


I’ve been following this build and it seems that this will be a high quality improved version (which is why it’s taking longer to finish). I haven’t tried all the remotes so can really say which one is better but props to @Zyb for taking his time and focusing on making a quality product.


Speaking of updates, ditched every single external board like booster charger module even arduino. Only external pcb is the nrf24. Going well uploaded a sketch and it is working good so far. Made a charging led to see the status which turns off when it is fully charged. Going to test it further with the nrfs tonight and btw installed adafruit feather bootloader tho I influenced highly from sparkfun board I might try their bootloader too.


receiver is done aswell time for testing :slight_smile:


Damn i love that vid haha. Great work.


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: taking no shortcuts. More updates are on the way