WTS: Marbel Board - Super Light


Selling a Marbel deck with original trucks, motor mount, motor, pulley, blue wheels and bonus 80mm kegel wheels modified to fit the Marbel gear.

Gearing is 12 motor to 30 wheel (2.5:1).

The brown patch is fiberglass and done by Marbel to increase controller reception

The original 7S3P was completely dead. I had planned to do 10S1P or 2P with vescs and hubs but have way to many uncompleted projects to start another. Other quick options are an yuneec ego pack (good for 30A) or a koowheel deckswap.

The nose on the board is neat, it incorporates the charge port, usb port, momentary switch and leds all that could be custom wired to DIY parts.

$400 picked up westside LA or I will ship at buyer’s cost.


Wow, a Marbel Board, that company took alot of peoples money and never sent the boards to them.


Disgraceful company but made some good hardware.


Before they conned me into sending back the broken board (which never worked anyways), I did get a chance to downhill with the deck like a normal longboard. I can say that the deck was the only thing they had going for them. It is really light and really a perfect wheelbase/length for me.

But I can’t emphasize enough how horrible of a company they were. I wouldn’t trust anything other than the deck. I have definitely looked hard to find an integrated carbon fiber deck that is as light for around that size and couldn’t find one. The weight is hard to match.

I’d actually buy the deck if I wasn’t so disgusted having been robbed by the company itself. I will never again spend money on a Marbel product.


I live in Tampa FL. And the Marbel company was here, i drove by them twice to test drive one and it was closed but bumped into someone there that had ordered two boards from them and this guy was so pissed off that he was going to kick some serious a** if someone would’ve been there, he ordered two boards from them, really, this guy went there just to beat someone up.


As far as I’m aware they are still the worst esk8 company of them all. Feel so bad for those that didn’t get a working board or a board at all


I honestly was considering flying over there to do the same thing. They probably don’t even have the office anymore.


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$370 without the kegels


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Who wants an amazing deck from an infamous company?


Still available


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are you willing to sell the deck only? @Eboostin


I’d like to keep it together

Marbel the biggest scam in Esk8. What to do?

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I love the board, but 400$ is a lot


7s battery, vesc and remote for another $300 (or less) and you’ve got a 10lb carbon fiber board


Open to reasonable offers!


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