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WTB: parts for Trampa [EU]


Cool, i’ll contact you when i tried out the 192kv motors :slight_smile:


What motors are recommended for these, kv?

What’s the difference in mini drive and heavy duty? I’m more interested in the mini due to the compact of it and looks. Do you know how these stand these https://www.e-toxx-shop.com/trampa/mini-direct-drive/mini-direct-drive-orange/#cc-m-product-9947425570 with helical gears?


Well mini drive is like street version which is not meant for heavy offroad and just normal riding :slight_smile: It has 1:3 gear ratio so around 130-170kv is more than plenty.

Heavy duty is 1:5 and its most hardcore in everything, m5 bolts, 2.5 module gears, extra thicc aluminium and etc. So you could go full offorad with them or plug them in with high power motors like I am doing and kick the streets with wheelies and etc stuff :slight_smile: For 1:5 you can go from 170kv-190kv motors There is also 1:4 option for higher speeds :slight_smile:

Size wise Mini is just small, and SS is bit bigger but more massievier :slight_smile: It’s like 1 cm wider than wheel hub so on 8" tires it’s perfect, I couldn’t get them hit anywhere in city even jumping curbs and etc :slight_smile: Just only issue when wheeling I touching back of gear drive to the road but that’s like first world problems :smiley:

Well helicals pros are more silent operation but it also has its own cons :slight_smile: I am sticking to straight gears as its much easier to mesh and less troubles down the road :slight_smile:


@Eboosted Hey!

I’ve seen your enclosures for these boards and they look amazing!
What sizes do you have?
Do you sell with battery or only enclosures?

Do you ship to EU?


Hey man!
Yeah, I sell the enclosures and batteries.

Please visit the website at eboardsperu.com, let me know if you have any questions


I see you have enclosures for 12s4p and 12s8p.
For a 12s5/6p the 12s8p Trampa HS11/HolyPro 35 DS would be the one to order then?

How much would you charge for a semi complete powerplant with a 12s5p with charging bms and port, no need for focbox/esc I’ve pre ordered a focbox unity. (or what battery packs do you offer?)



Pm sent! 10char


From your battery specs I get the impression you wanna build something like this.
has >70km range. Its 12s10p (2x 6s5p) of 20700B - with DieBieMS.


That’s overkill for me :sweat_smile: I’d like 40 km range, so a 5P or 6P would be enough :slight_smile: