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(WTB) focbox or Vesc 6 [EU]


I’m looking for a Focbox brand new or in good condition.
Anyone has one left?
I live in Spain


Wait blackfriday and buy at enertion website


They are already 100 euro or so on enertion website with the 11% discount code and free shipping.


I didn’t know about that code… Where is it? Free shipping is just for US I guess


Free shipping is worldwide, they ship from Shenzhen China or Hong Kong.

And just put them in your cart, make an account wait 10 min check your email and there it will be :slight_smile:


Thanks I’m going to try it… But by now shows 39$ shipping in my cart…


@DaniRC i have extra new, Where in spain are you? Im in madrid. 110 if local and can meet, 120 if i need it/them shipped.


That means you have something that is not a focbox in your cart too


Ordered one focbox a week ago.
No free shipping on mine


I chatted with support. No free shipping available at the moment


Ask support to get 11% off
Free shipping is only available if your cart level is above $300


Let me think about it… I’m deciding between yours or buying a new one with the platinum warranty or to wait for black friday