(WTB) caliber 2 motor mounts and 12s charger.(based in uk)

As title says looking to buy 2 caliberII motor mounts (don’t mind used)

i have seen dickyho but don’t really wont to wait so long for them

Budget of £50 or so

Also looking for a 12s charger minimal of 2a …

At the moment I have 2 hobbyking mounts but have been told they aren’t a great fit. (Please tell me if that is wrong as I have seen some people use them)

We have them they do seem to come loose but then it allowed us to get our boards up and running in double quick time and at a price we could afford. My advice aim to get out there riding it is great fun

Alienpowersystem should have what you are looking for. Theya are based in uk.

Can you send link

What about street wing mounts?

@Boardnamics has them, but USA-based

Sure https://bit.ly/2LGqVCh


:joy: thank you for making me laugh


You can order these shipping for 2 is 20$ to croatia, probably less to uk

Best mounts I ever used

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@moderators is there a way to gag a user from posting new topics for a few weeks so that he can calm down and think about what he’s done?


So far you have 3 days read time and you’ve asked us, with fresh topics every time, for the following:

  1. Calibers
  2. charger
  3. keyway
  4. loctite (seriously)
  5. hub motors
  6. motor fixing
  7. vesc
  8. bms wiring
  9. remote
  10. normal motors
  11. how to make a battery

During all that angst you tried to sell us two shit boards and explained that you were better at building that the community here.

Honestly, take a step back and sort yourself out or you’re going on the naughty cushion.


Have looked at them but would like something local where I can get it within a couple of days or max of a week

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Seriously who do you think you are. This isn’t your forum to go boss us around if people really think that I was going overboard then they would say. You once were also a startup and had questions to ask. It’s the way it works.

It is not the way it works.

You are going overboard.

Use the search. Everything you ask form the many threads has been answered many times. You will not be spoon-fed for much longer. Have a little humility and people will run to help you. Be a twat and you will be burnt.


Yeah but @brenternet doesn’t have to be a twat about it

No, but you’re being a twat about it

Someone recommendeds alien power system mounts

You ask for a link!

Fuck me, can’t you use Google?


They are saying… holy crap. Wake up.

Use the search function, partake in learning. It’s a DIY forum. The last word is “Yourself”.


No as my iPad is being messed up at the moment and won’t let me search stuff up. Just comes up with an error.

I can only open links

Well fix that before causing shit on here


It is, because

a) He knows what he is talking about b) He delivers his opinion in a colorful, entertaining, self-deprecating way

Hit those points and maybe one day you can own the forum too

But at least do your homework.

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