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WTB (2) 16T 15mm Motor Pulley 8mm bore and (2) 30q cell for a friend


Need 2
Live out in Vacaville California
Update: also need (2) 30q cells


I have a couple at the house but i won’t be home until the end of the week. BTW they are not keyed motor pulleys. I think i have 2 that are 10mm bore and 4 or 6 of the 8mm bore pulleys. If you don’t find any before then just hit me up and I’ll see what I can do for you.


Yes I will for sure let you know if I don’t end up getting any by end of week


How much would you do
(2) 10mm bore 16T 15mm
(2) 8mm bore 16T 15mm ?
I pm you